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Item Description
2001.Category: Tray
Description: Bavarian Beer Ale Porter tray. Mt. Carbon Brewery, Pottsville, PA.
Measurements: 13" diameter
Identifier: 7.190
2002.Category: Lamp
Description: Pabst Old Tankard Ale wall lamp. Green bottle of beer, man in white riding in car, pointing at a sign (sign is missing).
Measurements: 15" H x 16" W x 6" D
Identifier: 7.114
2003.Category: Decanter
Description: (3) Beam, Regal China, Football decanters. (2) Donkey in uniform and (1) elephant in uniform. One of each has an intact bottle stamp. The second donkey's bottle stamp is missing.; Democrat (Donkey) Beam Regal china decanter; Republican (elephant) Beam Regal China decanter
Measurements: 9.5" FIx 9" W x 4" D (each); 10" H x 4" diameter; 10" H x 4" diameter
Identifier: 7.136; 7.161; 7.164
2004.Category: Sculpture
Description: 3 horses pulling a man and wagon with a gin (machine) in the wagon bed.
Measurements: 7.75" H x 20" L x 5" W
Identifier: 7.125
2005.Category: Train
Description: Train Ives Car
Identifier: 7.267
2006.Category: Decanter
Description: Casual Indian 1950-1959. Lionstone Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 86 proof, eight years old. Bottle stamp broken.
Measurements: 14" H
Identifier: 7.11
2007.Category: Sculpture
Description: 1982 Penn State National Champions Coke bottle. Mint condition.; Sculpture of the Penn State Nittany Lion shrine by H. Wameke
Measurements: 9.5" H x 2.5" diameter; 4.5" H x 9" W x 4" D
Identifier: 7.127; 7.131
2008.Category: Wine Stopper
Description: JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy Achatit wine stoppers, made in Germany.
Measurements: 5.5" H x 3.25" W x 3.5" D
Identifier: 7.58
2009.Category: Bar Tool
Description: Bar tap handles. Brass and wood, two handles
Measurements: 22" H x 15.5" W x 10 D
Identifier: 7.266
2010.Category: Decanter
Description: Calvary Scout 18631878. Lionstone Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 86 proof, eight years old. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 14" H
Identifier: 7.10
2011.Category: Wine Rack
Description: (2) Antique, collapsible, wooden wine racks. Each hold 8 bottles of wine.
Measurements: 12" H x 20.5" W x 5.25" D
Identifier: 7.57
2012.Category: Sculpture
Description: Michael Gannan sculpture of a cowboy in a hat
Measurements: 21" H x9"square
Identifier: 7.248
2013.Category: Decanter
Description: Calvary Scout 18631878. Lionstone Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 86 proof, eight years old. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 14" H
Identifier: 7.10
2014.Category: Ashtray
Description: (3) Heavy, marble ashtrays. Colors: green, red and brown.
Measurements: 2" H x 6" diameter
Identifier: 7.220
2015.Category: Decanter
Description: Lionstone, porcelain, Sad clown and dog decanter. 1978. Bottle stamp intact, but appears as if there was an object in the clown's hand which is currently broken off.; Musical, brown jug with man on cork and a spinning figurine on the front.; McCormick decanter, clown "Weary Willie". Mint cond.
Measurements: 8.5" H x 7" diameter; 10" H x 4" diameter; 15" H x 4.5" W x 4" D (each)
Identifier: 7.107; 7.154; 7.179
2016.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.635
Presidents and Famous Americans Vol. 1-11 by American Heritage, 1967
2017.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.552
The U.S. Encyclopedia of History, 16 volume set. Pub: Curtis Books, 1970
2018.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.300
The Modern Library, NY, 1960. First Modern Library Giant edition, #G38.Bulfinchs Mythology. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, no date. Good cond.. The Wandering Jew by Elgene Sue. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, no date. Fair cond.. The Poems and Plays of Alfred Lloyd Tennyson. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1938. The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, no date. The Essays of Montaigne - The John Florio translation. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, nodate. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1925. Small with a cloth cover. Fourteen Great Detective Stories (Revised edition). Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1949.Good cond.. The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1931. #76 The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1944. #15, good cond.. A Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1951. #107, Goodcond..
2019.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.632
Source Records of the Great War, editor-in-chief: Charles F. Home. Vol. 1-4. Pub: The American Legion, Indianapolis, 1931.
2020.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.556
Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia Vol.1-27, 1973
2021.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.286
World's Greatest Literature Vol.11,13,20 The Poems, Prose and Plays of Puskin edited by Avrahm Yarmolinsky. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, 1943. First Modern Library Giant edition, #G62. Lady Betty Across the Water edited by C. N. and A. M. Williamson. Pub: McClure, Phillips,and Co., NY, 1906 Giles Ingilby by W.E. Norris, 1899 The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come by John Fox Jr., illus. by F. C. Yohn. Pub: CharlesScribner’s Sons, NY, 1909. The Elephant’s Friend and Other Stories by B. R. Buckingham. Pub: Ginn and Co., 1936. 7thedition. The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini translated by John Addington Symonds, illus. bySalvador Dali. Pub: Doubleday and Co., 1948. First edition. Good cond. More New Arabian Nights - The Dynamiter by Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Van deGrift Stevenson. Pub: Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1905.
2022.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.665
Unicorn Mystery Book Club series. Pub: Unicorn Press Publishers, NY. 5 volumes (1949)and 3 volumes (1950). Very good cond.
2023.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.218
The Book of Knowledge (Children’s Encyclopedia) Pub: The Grolier Society, NY, 1940. 20 vol. complete set.
2024.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.288
The World of Wonders - A Record of Things Wonderful in Nature, Science and Art. Pub:Cassell, Petter and Galpin, London, no date. Green leather cover with gold engraveddesign/lettering. Spine broken at covers, but attached. Mother Home and Heaven. Pub: E.B. Treat, NY, 1882 Columbus and Columbia - A Pictorial History of the Man and the Nation. Four books in 1 vol. by Hon. James G. Blaine, J.W. Buel, Prof. John Clark Ridpath and Hon. Benj. Butterworth. Pub: Historical Publishing Co., Piladelphia, 1893. With more than 500 engravings/illustrations. California - Romantic and Beautiful by George Wharton James, 1921 Tyrol and The Skirt of the Alps by George E. Waring, Jr. (Illus.) Pub: Harper and Bros.Publishers, NY, 1880 The Poets Offering for 1850 edited by Sarah Josepha Hale. Pub: Grigg, Elliot and Co.,Philadelphia, 1850. Poor cond., front cover detached, pages are stained with wear. Youth’s Illustrated Bible edited by: D. W. Thomson and John Blair. Nearly 300 engravings.Pub: Masonic Publishing Co., NY, 1870.
2025.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.587
Charles Dickens Works - Complete in 15 vol. Pub: G. W. Carleton and Co., NY, 1875.Missing Vol. 5 - Dombey and Son.
2026.Category: Candlestick
Description: Candlesticks, heavy metal, painted brown. One appears to be Shakespeare, the other is also a writer.
Measurements: 15" H x 6" base diameter
Identifier: 7.181
2027.Category: Straws
Description: Box of 7-UP straws. Box is open, but mostly full.
Measurements: 10.5 h X 4" square
Identifier: 7.151
2028.Category: Decanter
Description: ASI Amaretto decanter, 42 proof, Weston, MO. In a green Stanley car. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 7" H x 7" W x 13" D
Identifier: 7.105
2029.Category: Decanter
Description: Decanter and (5) shot glasses. 1 glass missing. Gold detail/trim. 'Tumbler, Irvinware, orange and yellow
Measurements: Decanter: 15.5" Fl x 4" W; Shot glasses: 3" H x 1.75" diameter
Identifier: 7.234; 7.238
2030.Category: Bucket
Description: Glass and silver metal bucket. No markings
Measurements: 9" H x 8" diameter
Identifier: 7.224
2031.Category: Decanter
Description: Beam musical bell decanter, 1984 executive series. In shape of 3 carolers. Reads: Noel. Regal china, rose and ivory with gold trim. Bottle stamp intact.; Old Commonwealth whiskey decanter. "A Happy Green", "St. Patrick's Day" with large clovers and leprechauns. Cumberland porcelain, 1986. Bottle stamp intact.; Old Fitzgerald whiskey decanter. Empty. The Four-Leaves Shamrock, an Irish charm, 1977, Porcelain.
Measurements: 11" H x 5.5" diameter; 10.5" H x 4" diameter; 11.5" H x 4.5" diameter
Identifier: 7.233; 7.240; 7.241
2032.Category: Bar Tool
Description: "The Merritt" wine bottle opener, brass-colored metal, wooden handle.
Measurements: measurements; 23" L x 3" W
Identifier: 7.230
2033.Category: Decanter
Description: (7) Beam Bicentennial bourbon decanters, Saturday Evening Post Series, Norman Rockwell's: (2) "Ye Pipe and Bowl" sign painter - bottle stamps broken; Franklin signing the Dec. of Indep. (bottle stamp torn); Pioneer (bottle stamp torn); "Backyard" May 26,
Measurements: 10"Hx5"Wx2"D
Identifier: 7.167
2034.Category: Cork
Description: (5) Bottle corkers with a man's head on each. Made by Achatit in Germany. One has a broken cork.
Measurements: 3 5" H x 2.5 3.5" W x 2.5 4" D
Identifier: 7.208
2035.Category: Decanter
Description: Calvary Scout 18631878. Lionstone Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 86 proof, eight years old. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 14" H
Identifier: 7.10
2036.Category: Bar Tool
Description: Possibly a bottle holder. Yankee No. 7. Has a handle and a crank.
Measurements: 7" H x 7" W x 9" D
Identifier: 7.229
2037.Category: Misc
Description: Silver metal cigar case reads: A., Cigar of Merit, and Neil Burgess. Holds 3 cigars.; (2) tap handles, one is metal and the other is wood and a metal spigot; Bottle Opener, oversized, reads: "A Toast to the Host" and "Good Luck" in many languages. 10" H x 4.5"; (3) Bottle openers: Garling Black label (very rusty), Man with left pointer finger in his mouth, possibly a clown, and a naked woman; (Black) Wild Turkey and Owl, Wild Turkey porcelain decanter. Limited edition, 101 proof, bottled by the Austin Nichols Distilling Co. 1985. #8. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 5" H x 2.5" W; 8" Lx4" W (handles); 13.25" diameter —; 5.5" H x 1.5" W; 11" H x 10" W x 5.5" D
Identifier: 7.119; 7.120; 7.219; 7.226; 7.25
2038.Category: Decanter
Description: "Old Grand Dad" whiskey decanter. Bottle stamp is intact; (2) Beam, Imported McGill Canadian Whiskey gold bottle decanters. Empty; (2) Beam, Imported McGill Canadian Whisky gold bottle decanters. Empty.; Amaretto di Saionno originale. Mint, sealed in box. Green box with pink rose on the front; Ouzo by Metaxa, Greek Dry Aperitif, product of Greece. Panama Pacific Inter. Exposition, San Francisco, 1915; Vandermint Liquor, minted chocolate, decanter. White bottle with blue windmill and water/boat design. Bottle stamp intact; Metexa - Grande Fine. 4/5 quart, 92 proof. White bottle with blue, red and green flowers and leaves. Bottle stamp intact; Wicker covered bottle of Roncoco liquor by Ron Matusalem. Seal broken and bottle is empty.
Measurements: 8.5" H x 4.5" diameter; 11.5" H x 4" diameter; 11.5" H x 4" diameter; 9.5" H x 6" W x 3" D; 12" H x 3" diameter; 11" H x 3" square; 11" H x 4" diameter; 13" H x 3.25" diameter
Identifier: 7.133; 7.139; 7.139; 7.232; 7.237; 7.250; 7.253; 7.258
2039.Category: Picture
Description: Picture of Hitler walking with a smiling soldier
Measurements: 11" H x 8" W
Identifier: 7.182
2040.Category: Tray
Description: 3 bar trays, metal, circular. Bavarian, Gibbons and Manz.
Measurements: 12" diameter
Identifier: 7.180
2041.Category: Compass
Description: Heavy metal compass, illuminates. Reads: CH Biancheti and Cie Marseille
Measurements: 10.5" H x 10" W x 7" D
Identifier: 7.172
2042.Category: Sculpture
Description: (3) Horse and carriage sculptures. 1 red, 1 green and 1 black.
Measurements: 4" H x 9" L x 3"D (each)
Identifier: 7.149
2043.Category: Decanter
Description: (3) McCormick, musical decanters. 80 proof. Young Elvis '55; Jimmy Durante and Sincerely Elvis '77. All mint cond.
Measurements: 15" H x 4.5" W x 4" D (each)
Identifier: 7.178
2044.Category: Radio
Description: Clinton wooden radio
Measurements: 5" H x 7" W x 4.5" D
Identifier: 7.204
2045.Category: Sculpture
Description: Michael Garman sculpture of an overweight sailor, white pants, blue jacket, white cap, red hair, cigar in mouth.; Michael Garman (#1900) sculpture of a tall, skinny sailor. Broken through the thighs of both legs, but repaired.
Measurements: 18.5" H x 7" square; 20" I 1x7"Wx6" 1)
Identifier: 7.175; 7.176
2046.Category: Decanter
Description: J. P. van Winkle and Son, Old Commonwealth, Coal Miner decanter. "Coal Shooter" #5, 1983. Imported hand-painted porcelain. Mint; Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whiskey. 14 years old, 86 proof. 1969, bottle #185. Fisherman sitting next to a basket. Paifrey China. Mint
Measurements: 9" H x 8" W x 5.5" D; 13.5" H x 7" W x 6"D
Identifier: 7.192; 7.195
2047.Category: Tray
Description: Coca-Cola "Have a Coke" "Thirst Knows No Season". Woman in a gray suit holding a bottle a Coke bottle. Rectangular.
Measurements: 13" H x 10" W
Identifier: 7.169
2048.Category: Sign
Description: Waterloo, metal, red sign.
Measurements: 10" H x 36" W
Identifier: 7.152
2049.Category: Decanter
Description: Ponderosa Ranch (Nevada) Beam Regal decanter; Harold's Club Beam Regal decanter. Conestoga wagon and bull.; Beam Historic PA, Keystone State decanter. 1968. Empty; Beam Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore decanter. Mint.
Measurements: 7" H x 10" W; 7.5" H x 9" W; 11.5" H x 6" W x 1.5" D; 10.5" H x 7" W x 2" D
Identifier: 7.158; 7.159; 7.206; 7.207
2050.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.588
The Works of Charles Dickens. Pub: P. F. Collier, NY, Collier’s Unabridged Edition. Nodate. 5 volumes. Dark green cloth hardcover with gold designs and lettering.
2051.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.557
History of Our Own Times by Justin McCarthy. Pub: Chatto and Windus, London, 1897. 1-7 Vol.
2052.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.351
The Gray Seal Book Collection by Frank L. Packard. Pub: Doubleday, Doran and Co., 1918. Titles: The Wire Devils, The White Moll, The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale, The BigShot, Doors of the Night, Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue, The Red Ledger, and JimmieDale and the Blue Envelope Murder.
2053.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.350
Land and Peoples from the Grolier Society, Vol. I-VII, 1956
2054.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.343
The Stream of History by Geoffrey Pasons. Pub: Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1931.Vol. I-IV. PA at Chickamauga and Chattanooga - Ceremonies at the Dedication of the MonumentsErected by the Commonwealth of PA edited by Capt. George W. Skinner, Pub: 1897. Poorcond.. 3 deep cuts through the cover and down into page 100. The United States in the Making by Leon H. Canfield and Howard B. Wilder. Pub: HoughtonMuffin Co., 1944. A History of the United States from 1492 to 1866 by Joseph C. Martindale, M. D. Pub:Eldridge and Brother, Philadelphia, 1868. Cover in fair cond.., pages are also faded. Knickerbocker’s History of New York by Washington Irving. Pub: Henry Altemus Co.,Philadelphia, circa 1899. Cream-colored fabric hardcover with gold engravings and a flowerdesign.
2055.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.326
The Encyclopedia of Wildlife by Castle Books, 1974oooooooo The Treasury of Cats by Richard Patrick, 1975 Life Books of Christmas Vol. 2 of 3. Pub: Time Life, Book Division, 1963. Life Books of Christmas Vol. 3 of 3. Pub: Time Life, Book Division, 1963. The Packard Story by Robert Turquist, 1965 The Coachbuilt Packard by Hugo Pfau, 1973
2056.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.195
Hollis Dann Music Course Series: New Manual for Teachers (1929), First Year Music (1914),2nd Year Music (1915), Third Year Music (1915), Fourth Year Music (1915), and Fifth YearMusic (1917). Pub: American Book Co. The Children's Institute The Children's Institute Arithmetic Books: Revised impression of the New System of Practical Arithm Arithmetic Books: Revised impression of the New System of Practical Arithm Baby and Child Care Series by Dr.Ben Spock, 1966, 7 books
2057.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.427
Practical "Standard" Dictionary by Funk & Wagnall, 1945, Vol. I&II Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1989. Roget’s Thesaurus, 1966 Roget’s College Thesaurus. Longmans,1958.
2058.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.301
Nijinsky by Romola Nijmnsky. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1936. 10th printing. The Memoirs of William Jennings Bryan by Himself and His Wife Mary Baird Bryan. Pub:The United Publishers of America, 1925, Good cond. Onward to Fame and Fortune or Climbing Life’s Ladder by William M. Thayer. Pub: TheChristian Herald, NY, 1897, 2nd edition. With 75 portraits and illus. Inside front cover andspine separated. From Here to Eternity by James Jones. Pub: Charles Scribners Sons, NY, 1951. Good cond.. The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer. Pub: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1948. Goodcond.. The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk. Pub: Doubleday and Co., Garden City, 1951. Goodcond.. Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling. Pub: The Sun Dial Press, Garden City, 1937.Photos on inside covers. The Republic of Plato, translated and edited by Davies and Faughan. Pub: John D. Morrisand Co., no year. Philobiblion Edition. Good cond.. Small tear in leather spine. The History of Hannibal by Jacob Abbott, with engravings. Pub: Harper Bros., NY, 1857.Cover in fair cond., pages and spine in good cond.
2059.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.472
The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 4 by Ida 0. Marbell. Pub: Lincoln History Society, NY,1908. The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Frank Crosby. Pub: John E. Potter and Co., Philadelphia,1865. Good cond.. The Army of the Potomac by Bruce Catton. Complete 3 vol. series: Mr. Lincoln’s Army,Glory Road and Stillness at Appomattox. Abraham Lincoln - An Autobiographical narrative, written/edited by Ralph Geoffrey Newman.Pub: The Lincoln Mint, Chicago, 1974. Fair cond.., water damaged.
2060.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.401
The American Civil War by Earl Schenck Miers, 1961 World War II by Ronald Heiferman, 1973 The Great Battles of World War I by Jack Wren, 1971
2061.Category: Decanter
Description: Jim Beam, 1909 Thomas Flyer Commemorative Bottle, 116 months old, 80 proof. White car with brown cover and roof. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 8.5" H x 15" W x 7" D
Identifier: 7.108
2062.Category: Decanter
Description: Musical decanter. Sculpture of an Asian woman standing in a blue dress, head is the cork; Wild Turkey, Mack Bull dog decanter. 1st issue, limited edition 1975. 75th anniversary commemorative decanter, bottle stamp intact. 101 proof, 8 years old; Beam fish decanter, has official seal of National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, Inc. 1976 liquor bottle #145, Hayward, WI. Bottle stamp broken; Beam decanter, label design is a painting by J. Lockheart of an elk. 1 of a series of 3. Mint
Measurements: 10.5" H x 4" W x 3" D; 1 0"H x 4" diameter; 10" H x 9" W x 5" D; 11.5" H x 5" W x 2"D
Identifier: 7.144, 7.157, 7.166, 7.196
2063.Category: Sculpture
Description: Metal sculpture of 8 horses pulling a red wagon, with 2 men dressed in blue. Many wooden barrels in the wagon bed.
Measurements: 6.5" H x 31" W x 4" D
Identifier: 7.118
2064.Category: Decanter
Description: Michael Garman sculpture "On Right". 1918 sculpture of 2 men, 1 on the ground injured, 1 standing up, looking away with a shot gun; Lionstone whiskey decanter. Sculpture: man in a bathtub holding a bottle of Lionstone Whiskey. Bottle stamp intact; McCormick, limited edition, music box decanter. Reads: "America's 200th Anniversary". Sculpture of a male flutist, a male drummer and a boy drummer. Bottle stamp torn.
Measurements: 7" H x 8" W x 6.5" D; 8" H x 7" W x 4" D; 8.5" H x 5" W x4.5" D
Identifier: 7.138; 7.143; 7.148
2065.Category: Sculpture
Description: (3) Witch sculptures. 2 smaller sculptures (1 male and I female) and I large female witch sitting on a tree stump. All have amber eyes. Tag reads: A/S NY FORM. Made in Norway.
Measurements: Small: 9" H x 4" W x 3" D; Large: 10" H x 4" Wx3"D
Identifier: 7.256
2066.Identifier: 4.213
Old Forge Bottling Works wooden 10 compartment bottle carrier, Moosic-642W
2067.Category: Bar
Description: The Mike Wayne Distilled Products Co., KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 80 proof, Bardstown, KY. 23K gold. Reproduction of a Kinstler painting of John Wayne on the front. Bottle stamp intact.; .5 liter beer stein. #226. Reads: 0 Du Aller Schonste Zier Scheiden das thut gramen. Morgen muss ich fort von hier uno muss abschied nebmen." The lid is warped.
Measurements: 10.5" H x 6.25" W x 2" D; 8.5" H x 3.5" diameter
Identifier: 7.104; 7.153
2068.Category: Decanter
Description: James Beam, Regal china, blue car with white roof decanter. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 7" H x 7" W x 18" D
Identifier: 7.109
2069.Category: Sign
Description: "Beauty Shop" and "Barber Shop" plastic signs.
Measurements: 7.75" H x 24.25" W
Identifier: 7.211
2070.Category: Decanter
Description: Wild Turkey "The Striding Turkey" ceramic liquor decanter #185. 6th in the series of American Wild Turkeys. Large red turkey, Austin, Nichols.; Lionstone decanter, Canada Goose, 1980. Mint cond.
Measurements: 11.75" H x 7" W x 3"D; 12.5" II x 5" W x 7" D
Identifier: 7.165; 7.188
2071.Category: Decanter
Description: Jim Beam, red, fire chief car decanter. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 7" H x 7"W x 15" D
Identifier: 7.106
2072.Category: Tray
Description: Tray. Kaver's BeerAlePorter, est. 1862, Mahanoy City, PA. Red, Black and White.
Measurements: 1"H x13" W x 10.5" D
Identifier: 7.156
2073.Category: Decanter
Description: Ezra Brooks basketball decanter. 1974 "TH-2", 90 months old. Jump ball between 2 players (green/white uniform and white and blue uniform). Bottle stamp partially torn; Ezra Brooks bear decanter. Brown bear on hind legs. 1968, Heritage china. Empty; Grenadier Cream Sherry, limited edition decanter. Insignia and "Feb. 1970" on the bottom. PA 1775. 1 in a set of 6 colonials. Unopened, but there is leakage.
Measurements: 15.5" H x 5.5" W x 4"D —; 13" H x 4.5" W x 5" D; 14.5" H x 4" W x 3" D
Identifier: 7.186, 7.187, 7.197
2074.Category: Bar
Description: Plaster, Rolling Rock Premium Beer sculpture of a red horse on its hind legs. Latrobe Brewing Co., PA.; Man standing under a lamppost. No markings.
Measurements: l1"HxlO" Wx3"D; 19" H x 5.5" W 4.25" D
Identifier: 7.185, 7.246
2075.Category: Bar
Description: Musical decanter, in the shape of an owl with green eyes, plays "The Days of Wine and Roses". Head removes to reveal spout. Green glass and silver metal holder; "Masterpiece" liquor dispenser in the shape of a boy urinating. A push button dispenses the liquor. Made in Hong Kong. Black and brown plastic; Bottle of liquor, no label "4/5 quart and 86 proof." Bottle is brown glass in the shape of a Jamaican woman playing a bongo, with a yellow plastic hat and red/white/blue/yellow sleeves; Ceramic sculpture of a fire chief holding a corkscrew and a fire hydrant; Decanter in the shape of an Asian man/server, holding a beer. Pioneer MIDSE Co., NY.
Measurements: 10" H x 4" diameter; 13" H x 4" square; 9" H x 5" W x 3" D; 11" H x 6" W x 4" D; 7" H x 6" W x 3.25" D
Identifier: 7.123; 7.174; 7.236; 7.254; 7.255
2076.Category: Tray
Description: Gibbons, circular bar tray. red and white, "Gibbons mellow-pure", "Beer and Ale". The Lion Inc. Gibbons Brewery, Wilkes-Barre, PA; Schaefer tray, white with red copy reading: Est. 1842, Americas Oldest Lager Beer; Budweiser Anheuser-Busch Inc. tray, 100 year anniversary 1876 - 1976.
Measurements: 12" diameter; 12" diameter; 13" H x 18" W
Identifier: 7.170; 7.171; 7.198
2077.Category: Sculpture
Description: Sculpture of 6 horses pulling a red cart with lumber in it.
Measurements: 5.5" H x 25" L x 3" D
Identifier: 7.150
2078.Category: Bar
Description: "American Revolution Bicentennial" "New York" "1776-1976". Early times Bicentennial limited edition Whiskey decanter. Bottle stamp is torn, but there is still liquor inside.; Light blue and gold Tyrolean Room mug, reads "Jack"; Americana Collection of Great Moments in History by J. W. Dants. George Washington at the Delaware, #4 in the series. Light blue. 1969, 8 years old. Bottle stamp intact; Description; 1977 Melkrneister Oppenheimer Krofenbrunnen, light blue bottle, still sealed.
Measurements: 8.5" H x 7.5" W x3"D; 5.5" H x 4" diameter; 5" H x 9" W x 2.5" D; 11" H x 3" diameter
Identifier: 7.117; 7.135; 7.146; 7.259
2079.Category: Decanter
Description: American Distilling Co. American Traditional Series porcelain decanter. Made in 1969 by Jay Young. Reads: "Williamsburg, Capitol of VA", "1699" and "1780". "Bourbon Supreme", 86 proof Design: A pink, capitol building.; Michter's Pot Still Sour Mash, "Pennsylvania Football" decanters. Sculpture of a football on a stand reads:"PSU, Temple, Slippery Rock, F+M, Lehigh, East Stroudsburg, Bloomsburg, Cheyney, Indiana, Clarion, Shippensburg, Pittsburgh." 1979. Bottle stamp intact; (3) McCormick, musical decanters. 80 proof. Young Elvis '55; Jimmy Durante and Sincerely Elvis '77. All mint cond.
Measurements: 10" H x 8.5" W x 3" D; 9" II x 7" W x 5" D; 15" H x 4.5" W x 4" D (each)
Identifier: 7.124; 7.128; 7.178
2080.Category: Decanter
Description: Michter's Pot Still Original Sour Mash jug decanters. Sculpture of a jug with a picture of the Distillery on the front. Series C, 1978. Bottle stamp intact; J. P. van Winkle and Son, Old Commonwealth, Coal Miner decanter. "Old Time Coal Miner", 1976. Imported hand-painted porcelain. Mint; Washington liquor bottle Creme de Cacao. Antique Republica, blue glass bottle in shape of George Washington from waist up. Bottled by Charles Jacquin et Cie. Mint cond.; Michter's Queen Nefertiti bust decanter. 2nd in King Tut series. 1979. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 6" H x 5" diameter; 12.5" H x 4" W x 3"D; 8" H x 5" W x 3.5" D; 11.75"Hx5"Wx6"D
Identifier: 7.137; 7.193; 7.235; 7.252
2081.Category: Bar
Description: Yuengling Premium Beer" red tray with a picture of a glass bottle of beer on it. Also reads: "D. G. Yuengling and Son, Inc." and "Pottsville, PA; Christmas Bartender, pouring a martini, smoke comes out of the shaker. Tin bar and floor.
Measurements: 2" H x 13" diameter; 12"H x 5" Wx 6" D
Identifier: 7.130; 7.222
2082.Category: Decanter
Description: Beam corvette decanter, yellow, 1978, #27. Bottle stamp intact.; Beam Circus car decanter. Blue with white/red wheels, gold trim, lion cage. 1979 Regal china. Seal intact but cap appears to have cracked, leaking liquor.
Measurements: 4" H x 14" L x 5" W; 8.25" H x 6" W x 13" D
Identifier: 7.239; 7.257
2083.Category: Misc
Description: Sculpture of a horse galloping, very heavy bronze-colored metal; Gold-colored metal, very heavy ashtray. Oxidation on much of the lower half. Design: woman in bathing suit looking over shoulder and pressing something -perhaps a jukebox.; Ashtray and cigarette rest. Gold-colored base metal, frog with etched design on back; Bride and groom metal figurine, painted ivory, paint is chipping. From the front the couple is cuddling, from the back the groom is squeezing the bride's backside.
Measurements: 4.5" H x 6" W x 1" D; 7.5" H x4.5" W; 2.5" H x 1.5"W x 2.5" P; 5" H x 2.5" square
Identifier: 7.147; 7.223; 7.228; 7.245
2084.Category: Glass
Description: Set of 4 animal dessert plates: tiger, leopard, zebra and giraffe. Painted by T. T. Mayeru, Japan.; Set of 8 Fred Aravetta frosted glasses. Each glass features sheet music for a Stephen C. Foster song.
Measurements: 7.25" diameter; 5" H x 2.75" diameter
Identifier: 7.231; 7.249
2085.Category: Decanter
Description: J. P. van Winkle and Son 1982, The Irish Minstrel, Leprechaun #2 whiskey decanter. Leprechaun sitting on mushrooms playing a harp. Bottle stamp intact.; Description; Lionstone Ostrich and baby Ostrich decanter. 1978, limited edition. Bottle stamp broken on one side, appears to be some leakage.; Hoffman musical decanter, 1980, white dog with black spots. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 10" H x 6" diameter; 4" Hx4" W x 3" D; 7" H x 4" W x 4" D
Identifier: 7.160; 7.243; 7.244
2086.Category: Decanter
Description: Musical decanter. Sculpture of an Asian woman standing in a blue dress, head is the cork; Kikkoman plum wine decanter. 1 pint. Porcelain, hand-painted Japanese woman sitting.; Friar holding a pitcher and a glass of wine
Measurements: 10.5" H x 4" W x 3" D; 9.5" H x 5" W x 5.5" D; 11" H x 5" diameter
Identifier: 7.144; 7.145; 7.163
2087.Category: Tray
Description: Drink Pepsi-Cola" "delicious" "healthful; Hershey's Kisses tray with picture of a girl giving a boy a Hershey's Kiss. Reads: A Kiss For You.; Clysmic table water tray. Green with woman in pink holding a large bottle.
Measurements: 13" H x 10" W; 13" H x 17" W; 14" diameter
Identifier: 7.184; 7.189; 7.194
2088.Category: Bar
Description: (2) tap handles one is metal and the other is wood and a metal spigot; Red and white metal sign reads: "Repeal Prohibition", "Liberty Justice" and "1776"
Measurements: 8" Lx4" W (handles); 7" Fl x 12" W
Identifier: 7.120; 7.129
2089.Category: Bottle
Description: Blue glass bottle marked "H. Krause, Hazleton, PA"
Measurements: 7" H x 2.75 "diameter
Identifier: 7.191
2090.Category: Bar
Description: Michter's Pot Still Sour Mash, "Pennsylvania Football" decanters. Sculpture of a football on a stand reads: "PSU, Temple, Slippery Rock, F+M, Lehigh, East Stroudsburg, Bloomsburg, Cheyney, Indiana, Clarion, Shippensburg, Pittsburgh." 1979. Bottle stamp intact; The Baltimore Sun front page for Mon., Dec. 30, 1968 is on the mug. Headline reads: Colts Rout Browns 34-0 for the NFL Title" Includes a plate. Made by Delano Studios. 5" H x 3.5" diameter; Wyoming Club PA Blended Whiskey liquor. M. Friedlander and Brothers, Hazleton, PA; Bottle Works (McAdoo) 6.5 fluid ounces glass bottle; Jug of Straight Corn Likker Wildflower Honey, Tropical Blossom Honey Co.; Penn Shore PA, Rose-Wine, Semi-sweet wine bottle and stand; Miniature case of Coke; Beer tray. Valley Forge Beer, Scheidt's and Rams Head Ale. Washington Headquarters, Valley Forge, 1777. Red with picture of Washington and troops raising the colonial flag.
Measurements: 9" H x 7" W x 5" D; 8.5" H x 4.5" diameter; 11.25" H x 3.5" diameter; 8" H x 2.25" diameter; 5" H x 3" diameter; 3.25" H x 3.5" W x 2.5" d; 10" H x 5.5" W x 2" D; 13.25" diameter
Identifier: 7.128; 7.134; 7.142; 7.155; 7.168; 7.199; 7.200; 7.218
2091.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.390
The American Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events. Pub: D. Appleton andCo., NY. 9 vols. -- 1861 (Vol. 1) through 1869 (vol. 9)
2092.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.443
The Poems, Prose and Plays of Pushkin edited by Avrahm Yarmolinsky. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, 1943. First Modern Library Giant edition, #G62. The Poems and Plays of Robert Browning. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1934. The Complete Poems of Keats and Shelley with Mrs. Shelley’s notes. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, 1932. First Modern Library Giant edition, #G4. Sixteen Famous American Plays edited by Bennett A. Cerl and Van H. Cartmell. Pub: TheModern Library, NY, 1941. Water damaged. Nine Plays by Eugene O’NeiI. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1941. First Modern Library Giant edition, #G55. Ibsen’s Plays. 11 plays. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, no date. #G18. The English Philosophers from Bacon to Mill edited by Edwin A. Built. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, 1939. #G47
2093.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.444
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 2 vols., by Edward Gibbon. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, no date. #G6 and # G7. History of the Conquest of Mexico and History of Peru by William Prescott. Pub: The ModernLibrary, NY, no date. #G29 Ulysses, Complete and Unexpurgated, by James Joyce. Pub: The Modern Library, NY,1934. #G52 The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling by Henry Fielding. Illustrated by Warren Chappell.Modern Library Edition, 1940. Jean-Christophe by Romain Rolland, 1913
2094.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.393
Discovering Antiques by Greystone Press Vol.1--20.
2095.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.377
Latter-Day Yugoslav Sculpture by Dr. Miodrag Kolaric, 1961. Art News Annual, 1959. The Pushkin State Museam of Fine Arts, 1960 Gainsborough Masterpieces in Colour by Max Rothschild La France et Les Francais by Cambridge Book Co.,1962.
2096.David 0. Selznick’s Hollywood by Ronald Haver. Pub: Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1980. Spinedamaged. The Hollywood Musical by Clive Hirschhorn. Pub: Octopus Books, Ltd., London, 1981. The Golden Age of "B" Movies by Doug McClelland, 1978
2097.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.189
History of Art by H.W.Janson, 1968 Maitres Impressionnistes et modernes, May 1983. Daniel Malingue. Dolphing Art Books, 1967-69, Madigliani/ El Greco/ Gauguin The Prado by Sanchez Canton, 1969 World Masterpieces revised 1, Mack/ Knox/ McGallias, 1965
2098.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.354
My Book House by Olive B.Miller, vol.8&9, 1928 Robert Louis Stevenson Collection pub. by Scribner’s Sons, 1907. Titles: Kidnapped, DavidBalfour, Merry Men/Dr. Jekyll/Treasure Island. Shakespeare's As You Like It, Hamlet, Twelth Night, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night's Dream
2099.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.415
Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren. Pub: The Viking Press, NY, Oct. 1938. Good cond. Ben Franklin's Autobiographical Writings by Carl Van Doren, 1945 A Basic History of the U. S. by Charles Beard and Mary K. Beard. Pub: Doubleday, Doranand Co., NY, 1944. Good cond.. Glimpse of Colonial Society and the Ufe at Princeton College 1766 - 1773 by One of theclass of 1973, edited by W. Jay Mills. Pub: J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1903. Poorcond. Origins of the Revolution by John C. Miller - An Atlantic Monthly Press Book. Pub: Little,Brown and Co., Boston, 1943. Good cond.. The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado by Logan Marshall.Illus. with authentic photographs. Pub: 1913, first edition. The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt by Emanuel M. Josephson Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson, 1913.
2100.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.407
Our Islands and Their People (2 vol. set) - As Seen with Camera and Pencil. Edited byWilliam S. Bryan/Pub: N. D. Thompson Publishing Co., 1899. Covers are moisturedamaged.
2101.Category: Beer Can
Description: Iron City Beer can and a mint sheet (unrolled beer can). Super Super Super Steelers 1979. Beer can is empty as there is decay and leakage on the bottom of the can.; Iron City Beer Confederate Flag can empty but unopened.
Measurements: 5" H x 2.5" diameter; 5" H x 2.5" diameter
Identifier: 7.18; 7.19
2102.Category: Bar
Description: Pennsylvania decanter reads "The Keystone State". Bottle stamp is intact; Happy Birthday Beer from Bilow. Brewed for Ludwig C. Bilow by Walter Brewing Co. Reads: "Special Birthday Offer..."; Decanter and (2) glass set. Tree decanter with bark covered glasses.
Measurements: 6.5" H x 7" W x 2" D; 5" H x 2.5" diameter; Decanter: 13" H x 4" diameter; Glasses: 3.5" H x 1.5" diameter
Identifier: 7.132; 7.16; 7.173
2103.Category: Misc
Description: Jug, no markings.; Citizens National Bank Calendar, Tunkhannock, PA. The Photo is a reprint from a Weber painting, #M 4126,Evening on the Susquehanna River. Pull tab paper calendars. Mint, no calendars torn off. Jan. 1912.
Measurements: 12" H x 6" diameter; 9" H x 14.5" W
Identifier: 7.212; 7.85
2104.Category: Glass
Description: (2) Shot glasses, rose colored, with gold copy: Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO, 1904
Measurements: 2.25" H x 2" diameter
Identifier: 7.251
2105.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Accordion. "Cay. Silvio Soprani and Fib", "Recanati Italia" Poor condition, taped together in 2 places, missing 2 buttons, but no keys.
Measurements: 14" H x 14" W x 8" D
Identifier: 1.28
2106.Identifier: 7.268
Twelve Richie Rich Comic books
2107.Category: Chest
Description: Wood and metal chest, no markings
Measurements: 5.5" H x 14.75" W x 7" D
Identifier: 27.24
2108.Identifier: 7.269
Sixteen Archie Comic Books
2109.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Carmen accordion, black and white pearlized finish, fair condition
Measurements: 15" H x 17" W x 10" D
Identifier: 1.11
2110.Identifier: 7.270
Thirteen assorted comic books
2111.Category: Sculpture
Description: Bust of a man, metal
Measurements: 1 7" H x 6" W x 8" D
Identifier: 5.12
2112.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Chromonica (280-C) and case. The 64 Chromonica, 4 chromatic octaves professional model. M.Hohner, Germany
Measurements: 1.25" H x 7" Wxl.75" D
Identifier: 23.35
2113.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Harmonica and original box, "The Echo Harp". M. Hohner, Germany. 54/64 M2 C/G, Bell Metal Reeds
Measurements: .75" H x 4.75 W x 2" D
Identifier: 23.36
2114.Identifier: 7.271
Classic comics
2115.Identifier: 7.272
Oriental rug
2116.Identifier: 7.273
Violin with case and two bows
2117.Identifier: 7.274
Miscellaneous comic books
2118.Category: Knife Cleaner
Description: George Kent knife sharpening and cleaning machine. Made in London. Instructions for use on the front. No other markings.
Measurements: 17" H x 15" diameter
Identifier: 5.112
2119.Category: Sculpture
Description: Intricate Asian wooden sculpture, dark cherry stain. 4 dragons on top have pegs sticking out of them on either side. Possibly for hanging something. Base has 4 smaller dragons with open mouths. Top rotates.
Measurements: 19.5" H x 16.5" diameter
Identifier: 5.23
2120.Category: Sculpture
Description: Wooden, gold, chapel. Several cracks in the wood.
Measurements: 40" H x 21" W x 14" D
Identifier: 5.14
2121.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Trumpet - Henry Preicelle, Paris; Trumpet (wall over Victrola) Class A, Besson and Co. "Prototype", 198 Euston Rd. London, England.
Measurements: 7.25" H x 11.25" W; 6" H x 13" L x 5" bell diameter
Identifier: 23.64; 23.78
2122.Category: Decanter
Description: James Beam, 1909 Thomas Flyer Commemorative Bottle, 116 months old, 80 proof. White car with brown cover and roof. Bottle stamp intact.
Measurements: 8.5" H x 15" W x 7" D
Identifier: 7.108
2123.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Baldoni accordion, very good condition, black and white, in black case lined with red velvet.
Measurements: 9" H x 18" W x 16" D
Identifier: 1.39
2124.Identifier: 7.275
Tip Top Library, 7 issues
2125.Category: Horological Collage
Description: 5 Horological collages, no artist name, all have "Dunlop" tires. 1926 Bugatti Royale, 1894 Peugot, 1928 Austin "Chummy", 1929 Morgan Super Aero, 5th one not labeled.
Measurements: 12" H x 19.25" W (each)
Identifier: 5.49
2126.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Bundy saxophone. Reads: "A. Selmer Inc."
Measurements: 29" L x 6" diameter (bell)
Identifier: 5.65
2127.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Flute. Yamaha YFL 24S, Japan, has a symbol of three candlesticks crossed and a star as well as the words: 1982 Red Lion Area High School, in a case.
Measurements: 26" H
Identifier: 23.77
2128.Identifier: 7.276
Three violin bows
2129.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Saxophone. The Buescher, Elkhart, #113888, low pitch, "True-Tone", Reynolds mouthpiece
Measurements: 26" H x 5" bell diameter
Identifier: 23.79
2130.Category: Horological Collage
Description: Metal pieces arranged to form a carriage. "Carroza de Cifras Jouis XVIII." Red and green velvet with gold fabric trim, mounted on black velvet and framed. The initial "N" is on the carriage. Signed by Cameron Roman; Metal pieces arranged to form a 1915 Packard. Red and green velvet with gold fabric trim, mounted on red velvet and framed.
Measurements: 23" H x 30.5" W; 23" H x 30.5" W
Identifier: 5.1; 5.2
2131.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.247
Kristin Labransdatter by Sigrid Undset. Pub: Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1939. Nobel Prize edition. Selected Prose and Poetry by Ralph Waldo Emerson,1960 Othello edited by Louis B.Wright, 1957 Eight Great Tragedies edited by Barnet, 1964 The Nigger of the Narcissus by Joseph Conrad, 1979 Eight Great Comedies edited by Sylvan Barnet, 1964 1984 by George Orwell, 1962 Secrets of Voodoo by Milo Rigand, 1971 A Pocket Book of Modern Verse by Oscar Williams, 1964 Dere Bill, Mable’s Love Letters to Her Rookie by Elizabeth Summers Florence. Illus. byNatalie Stokes. Pub: Frederick A. Stokes Co., NY, 1919. Dere Mable, Love Letters of a Rookie by Edward Streeter with 35 Illus. In black and white byG. William Breck. Pub: Frederick A. Stokes Co., NY, 1918. 13th printing. Spine is cracking.
2132.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.411
Frank Fairweather’s Fortunes by True Williams. Pub: Belford-Clarke Co., Chicago, 1890.Good cond. but cover is slightly damaged. Vivilore - The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection, The 20th Century Book for EveryWoman by Mary Ries Melendy. Pub: 1904. Pages very good cond.., cover poor cond.. The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci by Dmitri Merejkowski. Pub: Modern Library, NY, 1928.(#138) Samantha at Saratoga or Flirtin’ With Fashion by Josiah Allen’s Wife, illus. By FrederickOpper. Pub: Hubbard Bros., Philadelphia, 1887. A King’s Story - The Memoirs of H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor K. G. Pub: Cassell and Co.,London, 1951. First edition. Tales of india by Rudyard Kipling, Part of the Windmere Series. Pub: Rand McNally and Co.,1935. Good cond.. Tristram Shandy and A Sentimental Journey by Laurence Sterne. Pub: The Modern Library,Giant Edition, no date. The Devil’s Doings - His Present Day Work in the Home, Church, Society, Business, Politicsand in Every Walk of Life by Lillian M. Heath. Pub: 1905. Blue cloth cover with a color printon the front.
2133.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.502
Seasoned Timber by Dorothy Canfield. Pub: Harcourt, Brace and Co., NY, 1939. Firstedition. Very good cond.. The Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott. Pub: D. Appleton and Co., NY, 1869. 4 vols.,green cover with gold lettering/design. Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1929. Renaissance in Italy by John Addington Symonds - Vol. 1. Pub: The Modern Library, NY,1935. First Modern Library edition. Meanwhile - The Picture of a Lady by H. G. Wells. Pub: George H. Doran Co., NY, 1927.First American edition. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson.Pub: Standard Book Co., NY/London, 1930. Balmoral Edition. Old Calabria by Norman Douglas. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1928. First Modern LibraryEdition. Front cover slightly warped. The Bostonians by Henry James, 1956 The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, 1941
2134.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.413
Lee’s War Horse by James Longstreet by Eckenrode and Conrad. Pub: University of NCPress, Chapel Hill, 1936. The Army of the Potomac by Bruce Catton. Complete 3 vol. series: Mr. Lincoln’s Army,Glory Road and Stillness at Appomattox, 1953. Grant Moves South by Bruce Catton. Pub: Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1960. Fair cond.. A Stillness at Appomattox by Bruce Catton. Pub: Doubleday and Co., Garden City, 1953.Fair cond.. Terrible Swift Sword (1963),Pub:Doubleday and Co.. First edition. Never Call Retreat (1965). Pub:Doubleday and Co. First edition. Lee the Last Years by Charles Bracelen Flood. Pub: Houghton Muffin Co., Boston, 1981.First edition.
2135.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.217
The Schweitzer Album by Erica Anderson, 1965 The Colorful World of Animals by Maurice and Jane Burton, 1975 The Lure of the Great West by Frank Getlein, 1973 Tales the Western Tombstone Tell by Lambert Florin, 1967
2136.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.487
The Pleasure of Jewelry and Gemstones by Joseph Sataloff, 1975 Early Pennsylvania Arts & Crafts by John J.Stoudt, 1964 The Beauty of America by Country Beautiful, 1965 America's Historic Houses and Restorations by Irvin Haas, 1966
2137.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.120
The Annotated Walden by Henry D.Thoreau, 1970 Nijinsky by Romola Nijmnsky. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1936. 10th printing. Happy Days at Home and School edited by Emma Francis Voris. Pub: Juvenile Book Co.,1892. First edition. Cover edges are slightly torn. Trumpet Blasters or Mountain-Top Views of Life by Rev. T. Dewitt Talmage. Beautifully andProfusely illus. Pub: Southwestern Publishing House, Nashville, TN, 1892. Goethe’s Faust. Pub: New Directions, Norfolk, CT, 1941. New American translation byCarlyle F. McIntyre with illus. by Rockwell Kent, together with German text. Good cond.. Knowledge Wisdom Power or A Universe of Thought and Fact (lllus.) Pub: W. M. Pattersonand Co., Chicago/Philly, 1888. First edition. The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Ten volumes in One. Pub: Walter J.Black Co., NY, 1903. Fair cond..
2138.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.202
The Love Books of Ovid translated by J. Lewis May, illus. by Jean de Bosschere. Privatelyprinted for Rarity Press, NY, 1930. Good condition. The Complete Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne (72 Tales). Pub: Doubleday and Co.,Garden City, NY, 1959. Good cond. The Mist Men by George Mendoza, 1970 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam translated by Edward Fitzgerald. Pub: Garden City PublishingCo., 1937. 1st edition. Moisture damaged covers. A Treasury of Russian Literature by Bernard Guilbert Guerney. Pub: The Blackiston Co.,Philadelphia, 1945. Some water damage. The Golden Mirror by Marya Zaturenska. Pub: The MacMillan Co., NY, 1944. 1st printing.Fair condition, cover has some mold. French Follies & Other Follies by Francis Steegmuller, 1948 Collected Poems by E.J.Pratt, 1945 Aurora Dawn by Herman Wouk, 1947 Obituary Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon. Daniel Webster of MA, USSec. Of State. Pub: 1853. Moisture damaged covers. The Golden Censer (or Duties of Today, The Hopes of the Future) by John McGovern. “Soldby subscription only.” Pub: Union Publishing House, 1885. The Exploration of the World by Jules Verne, 1880
2139.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.178
The National Police Gazette edited by Gene and Jayne Smith, 1972 Boxing in Art and Literature edited by William D.Cox, 1935 The New Encyclopedia of Sports by Frank G.Menke, 1947 The Pritikin Program by Nathan Pritikin, First Edition, 1979 Blood Brothers by Vasyl Shevchuk. Pub: Bayda Books, Australia, 1980. First Edition. The World of Psychology II by G.B.Levitas, 1965 The Essentials of Psychology by W.B.Pillsbury, 1923 The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud. Pub: The Modern Library, NY, 1938.
2140.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.219
U.S.Camera edited by T.S.Maloney, 1942 Mr. Lincoln’s Camera Man - Matthew B. Brady by Roy Meredith (Illus.). Pub: CharlesScribner’s Sons, NY, 1946. A Short History of the U. 5. 1492- 1920 by John Spencer Bassett. Pub: MacMillan Co., NY,1921. Good cond.. A Nation’s Sire - An Epic of George Washington by Dr. William Carter. Pub: The Weirfield Press, NY, 1931.
2141.Identifier: 7.276
Lot of Tip Top Libary magazines
2142.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Set of tuning forks, Martin, Made in Germany. No.s C128, Ci 256, C2 512, C3 1024, C4 2048. In black leather-covered case; Mouth Harp
Measurements: 1" H x 7.75's w x 5" D; 3" H x 4.5" W
Identifier: 8.10; 23.37
2143.Category: Musical instrument
Description: Organetto and case. Corbin. All 33 keys are mother-of-pearl and in tact. Wood carved top, some pieces are cracked but all are present. Inlaid wood design. Some mold.
Measurements: 12.5" H x 11" W x 6.5" D
Identifier: 23.15
2144.Category: Misc
Description: Asian doll sits atop a black box. Dressed in orange fabric with black, gold and ivory details and gold-colored metal details; (2) Lamps that match item #7 (Asian doll). Black and orange fabric, orange ties and a silver and gold metal stand. Shade is lined with red fabric.
Measurements: 33.5" II x 16.5" x 17" D; 13.5" H x5.5" diameter
Identifier: 5.7; 5.8
2145.Category: Fireplace set
Description: Armor sculpture that is a fireplace set. Set of (3) tools: 2 pokers and a brush. Black, metal, very rusty
Measurements: 29" H x 8 "W x 5" D
Identifier: 5.9
2146.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Zither with painted trim, Zither Manufacturers Advertising Co.
Measurements: 19.5" H x 13" W x 5.5" W
Identifier: 23.49
2147.Identifier: 7.277
Classic comic books
2148.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Slide Trombone, C.C. Connell(?), no mouthpiece; Horn (silver). Weymann Keystone State, Philadelphia. Two slides, silver color; Brass horn.
Measurements: Bell: 7.5" diameter; 51.5" long (extended); 5.25" H x 25.5" W x 2" D; bell: 6.5" diameter; 28.25" II x .5" W x 2" D.
Identifier: 23.11; 23.12; 23.14
2149.Category: Oil Lamp
Description: "Rayo" oil lamp, silver, "B+H", part of the grill around the top of the lamp is broken. Fair condition.
Measurements: 12" Fl x 6" diameter
Identifier: 1.24
2150.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Saxophone. The Bundy Saxophone, The Selmer Co. in a case.
Measurements: 26" II x 4.5" bell diameter
Identifier: 23.76
2151.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Accordion in red velvet lined case, 1 key is missing its cover, ornate with carved and painted detail. Etching of 2 stags with red jewels for eyes, carved on the top. Key covers are pearlized.
Measurements: 16" Hx21" Wx 8" D
Identifier: 1.14
2152.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Black Durango Strings for tenor banjo set. National Music String Co., New Brunswick, NJ.; Xylophone, 8 small metal bars, wooden, small wooden hammer with metal hammer; Wooden flute, 6 finger holes and 1 thumb hole
Measurements: 4.25" square x 1" D; 1" H x 8.75" W x 4.75" D; 11" long x 1" diameter
Identifier: 23.28; 23.31; 23.32
2153.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: 5-stringed instrument, mother of pearl inlaid floral design, bridge and strings are missing.
Measurements: 24.75"H
Identifier: 23.61
2154.Category: Musical instrument
Description: Xylophone. Wood, label peeling off, dark wood, trademark symbol on the side.
Measurements: 6" H x 21" W x 2.75" D
Identifier: 23.16
2155.Category: Musical Instrument Accessory
Description: Tenor banjo tuner, made in Czechoslovakia
Measurements: 2" H x 1.5" W x .5" D
Identifier: 23.29; 7.278
2156.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Hohner, melodica piano 26 and case, made in Germany
Measurements: 2" H x 15.5" W x 3.5" D
Identifier: 23.30
2157.Category: Musical Instrument
Description: Violin with no bridge or strings, 2 bows without strings. The make cannot be read but is 12 letters long and starts with a G or C and ends in Y.
Measurements: 23" L x 8" W x 2" D
Identifier: 3.71
2158.Category: Mirror
Description: (4) Mirrors 2 of each pattern. First pattern: Floral pattern with a butterfly, grapes, circles etched in layers under glass; Second pattern: Vase, etched in layer under glass, flowers and a bird. All are in wood frames, painted gold. Hand-painted detail.
Measurements: 32.5" H x 20.5" W
Identifier: 7.112
2159.Category: Musical instrument
Description: Acoustic guitar in purple fabric-lined case. Yamaki deluxe Western. No. 113. 8/16/1971.
Measurements: 40" H x 15.75" W x 5.25" D
Identifier: 23.18
2160.Category: Clay Art
Description: Pinadanis 1978 clay art. Scene is of 2 ships from the viewpoint of the deck of a third ship. Circa colonial days.
Measurements: 21" H x 31.5" W
Identifier: 7.177
2161.Category: Vases
Description: Two Large Tan Vases
Identifier: 20.13
2162.Identifier: 7.279
Box of old jail cell locks
2163.Old Feed Scale No.4350
2164.Category: Watch
Description: Westclox Pocket Ben, black face, white numbers, silver casing, 60-second chronograph; Westclox Scotty pocketwatch, shock-resistant, "Made in USA", silver casing, white face, 60-second chronograph; Majestine watch, 17 jewels, Swiss made, shock resistant, Roman numerals on a white face, Design on face: 3 small red flowers, with green leaves on a blue vine. Casing is engraved with ducks/pond and a pointer hunting dog; Fashion Time Pocketwatch, gold face and casing, unadjusted Swiss, One Jewel, Claro Watch SA; Ingersoll Radiolite Pocketwatch. Cream-colored face, glow-in-the-dark hands, 60-second chronograph, silver casing, brass ring. #G99 1492
Measurements: 2" diameter; 2" diameter ~; 2.25" diameter; ; 2" diameter
Identifier: 31.11; 31.12; 31.22; 31.3; 31.6
2165.Category: Watch
Description: American Watch Co. pocketwatch, Waltham, silver casing and white face, roman numerals, 60-second chronograph, engraving on the backside of the case of a house next to a river, a bridge and trees, encircled by a floral / leaf pattern
Measurements: 2.5" diameter
Identifier: 31.9
2166.Category: Watch
Description: Elgin Pocketwatch, silver casing, 60-second chronograph
Measurements: 2" diameter
Identifier: 31.7
2167.Identifier: 7.280
Elgin pocket watch
2168.Identifier: 7.281
Elgin pocket watch
2169.Category: Camera
Description: Polaroid camera in red leather case.
Measurements: 6.5" H x 12" W x 13" D
Identifier: 1.17
2170.Identifier: 7.282
Lot of Tip Top Weekly
2171.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.110
The Lost Pages of Kabbala by Jon Racherbaumer, 1981 Out-Of-Doors with Tennyson - Selections From the Poems of Alfred Lloyd Tennyson.Illustrative of Pastoral Life and Scenes. Pub: D. Lothrop Co., Boston, 1890. Autumn Leaves and Garnered Sheaves compiled/edited by Wynn Field Pub: HolidayPublishing Co., Philadelphia, 1891. Poor cond.. The Life of Greece by Will Durant, 1939 Le Petit Lord by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus. by Birch. Pub: Librairie Delagrave, Paris,1921. Spine has some tears. The Sublime Boy - The Poems of Walter de Casseres. Pub: Seven Arts, NY, 1926. Faircondition. My Autobiography by Benito Mussolini. Pub: Charles Scribners Sons, NY, 1928. Firstedition. A History of Rome - Anderson’s Historical Series by Robert F. Leighton. Pub: Maynard,Merrill and Co., NY, 1900. Fair to poor cond..
2172.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.109
Idylls of the King by Alfred Lloyd Tennyson. Illus. by Robert Ball. Pub: The Heritage Club,NY, 1939. A Race of Rebels by Andrew Tully. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1960. First Edition. Maid in Waiting by Galsworthy. Pub: Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1931. The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu, translated by Burton Watson, 1968 Introduction to Philosophy by George Thomas White Patrick, Ph.D.. Pub: Houghton, Miff inCo., 1924. Water damaged/moldy covers. Amos Lawrence - Extracts from the Diary and Correspondence of the late Amos Lawrence,edited by his son: William R. Lawrence. Pub: D. Lothrop and Co., Boston, no date. First printing. Fair cond.. The American Mercury Reader edited by Lawrence E. Spivak and Charles Angoff. Pub: TheBlakiston Co., Philadelphia, 1944. Capital Stories About Famous Americans edited by: Rev. Loius Albert Banks. Pub: TheChristian Herald, NY, 1905. Front cover detached from spine on the inside cover.
2173.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.112
Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb, illus. by Frank Goodwin. Pub: The John C. Winston Co.1925. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, 1946 Shakespeare by Thomas Parrott, 1929 Will Rogers - Ambassador of Good Will, Prince of Wit and Wisdom by P. J. O’Brien. Pub: P.J. O’Brien, 1935. Fair cond., text is underlined. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, 1932 The Story of Red Feather by Edward S. Ellis. Pub: McLoughlin Brothers, NY, 1908. Hamlet: A Tragedy by Shakespeare, 1901. Robin Hood by Howard Pyle, 1955 Walt Disney's Zorro by Steve Frazer, 1958 Mickey Mouse and His Friends by Walt Disney and Jean Ayer. Pub: Thomas Nelson andSons, NY, 1937. Poor condition, there is coloring in the book and the spine is ripped. Girl Scout Handbook, Intermediate Program. Pub: The Girl Scouts of the USA. NewEdition, circa 1954. The Taming of the Shrew (Booklover’s Edition) by Shakespeare. Pub: The UniversitySociety, 1901. Moisture damaged covers.
2174.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.118
On Stage edited by Bernard Beckerman, 1973 The Best Plays of 1944-5 edited by Burns Mantle. Pub: Dodd, Mead and Co., NY, 1945 Plays I Have Seen (Journal) Pub: Dodd, Mead and Co., NY, Sept. 1903. No entries in thejournal. Sixteen Famous American Plays edited by Bennett A. Cerl and Van H. Cartmell. Pub: TheModern Library, NY, 1941. Water damaged. The New British Drama edited by Henry Popkin, 1964 Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet Vol.1 & 2, 1942 Amaury by Alexandre Dumas. Pub: Harper Bros., NY, 1845. First American publication.Cardboard covers bound by string. Tesla: Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney. Pub: Prentice-Hall In., Englewood Cliffs, NJ,1981.
2175.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.271
The Noel Coward Songbook. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1953. First edition. Happy Half Hours with the Bible edited by Logan Marshall (illus.) Pub: Uplift Publishing Co.,Philadelphia, 1915. Poor condition. The Master’s Call To Service by Rev. A. Houtz, A. M. Pub: Reformed Church PublicationBoard, Philadelphia, 1910. Bible Stories for Little Children by Jean S. Remy. Pub: Henry Altemus Co., Philadelphia,1900 with 78 illus., fair cond. New Christian Hymn and Tune-book. Pub: The Fillmore Bros. Co., Cincinnati and NY, 1887.2nd edition. Sunday School Chimes by E. A. Hoffman and J. B. Esenwein. Pub: Evangelical PublishingCo., Harrisburg, PA, 1894. World-wide Revival Hymns Unto the Lord. Pub: W. Elmer Bailey, Harrisburg, PA,1906 (hardcover). Rodeheaver’s Gospel Songs. Pub: The Rodeheaver Co., Chicago/Philadelphia, 1922.Manilla cover. World-wide Revival Hymns Unto the Lord. Pub: W. Elmer Bailey, Harrisburg, PA, 1914 (paperback.)
2176.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.121
John Adams by Page Smith. 2 vol. box set. Pub: Doubleday and Co., NY, 1963. Excellent cond. Delightful Stories of Persons, Places and Things - Tales of Travel, Biography and History by Prof. I.R. Harper. (Illus.) Pub: George M. Hill Co., Chicago/NY, 1901. Poor cond., cover damaged inside and out. Tales From the Spanish of Alarcon, illus. by Jan Balet, The Story Classics. Pub: Allentown,PA, 1948. Excellent cond. The Red Cross by Clara Barton. Pub: American National Red Cross, Washington, D.C., 1898. Blunderful World of Bloopers by Kent Schafer, 1973 Reminiscence of a Long and Happy Life by Francis B. Bannan of Pottsville, PA. Compiled and read before the Schuylkill County Historical Society Sept. 28, 1910. Greatest Wonders of the World as Seen and Described By Famous Writers, edited and translated by Esther Singleton. Pub: The Christian Herald, NY, 1906. Trilby - A Novel by George du Maurier. Pub: Harper and Bros. Publishing Co., NY, 1894. 1st American edition. Cover has some wear but pages are in good cond. Ben-Hur A Tale of Christ by Lew Wallace. Pub: Literary Classics Inc., NY, 1880. Don Quixote by Cervantes - Ozell’s revision of the translation of Peter Motteux. Pub: MidernLibrary, NY, 1930. First Modern Library edition. Good condition.
2177.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.668
World Cultural Guide - New York by Dore Ashton, 1972 World Cultural Guide - Florence by Bruno Molajoli, 1972 World Cultural Guide - Rome by Giovanni Carandute, 1971 World Cultural Guide - Venice by Terisio Pignatti, 1971 World Cultural Guide - London by David Paper, 1971
2178.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.673
Little Leather Library , 13 books Collection of small books (small with red leather covers) from Robert K-Haas, Inc. NY -Formerly the Little Leather Library Corp. 9 books
2179.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.675
Little Classics edited by Rossiter Johnson. Pub: Houghton, Muffin and Co., Boston, 1881. 17 vol. set, vols 1, 3-7, 9-15 and 17 present.
2180.Category: Photo Album
Description: Photo album, pink with metal trim, stands, filled with antique family photos.
Measurements: 12" H x 10.5" W x 6.5" D
Identifier: 3.7
2181.7ft high Hall Tree
2182.Category: Pottery
Description: Hand-painted glazed stoneware jug. Pastel and muted shades, floral and leaf pattern.; Description: Hand-painted pottery, floral design. Sherwood Bros.
Measurements: 11" H x 7" diameter; 12" H x 6..5" diameter
Identifier: 6.5; 8.164
2183.Hanging Mirror
2184.Pinball Machine: Funland by D.Gottlieb & Co. Chicago,Ill. 3 plays for 25 cents.
2185.Identifier: 7.283
5 Game Electric Poosh-M-Up game
2186.Identifier: 7.284
Declaration of Independence, New York Times, 1935
2187.Category: Watch
Description: Goofy wristwatch, Walt Disney Productions, Base metal, Swiss, #23, gold-colored bezel is scratched, blue vinyl band, fair condition.
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.25
2188.Category: Watch
Description: Mickey Mouse wristwatch, poor condition, red leather band. US Time.
Measurements: .75" diameter
Identifier: 31.26
2189.Category: Watch
Description: Donald Duck wristwatch, blue leather band, light blue face, "W.D.P." US Time watch. Rectangular face with slightly rounded sides, good condition but missing glass over face.
Measurements: 1.25" H x 1" W
Identifier: 31.23
2190.Category: Watch
Description: Archie wristwatch, "A.C.P. Inc.", Swiss movement, diamond tooled, tropicalized, stainless steel, base metal bezel, brown crushed saddle leather band. Good condition.
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.24
2191.Category: Watch
Description: Cinderella wristwatch, Walt Disney Productions, Cinderella and castle on the face, pink leather band, chrome plate base metal bezel, stainless steel back, fair to good condition,
Measurements: I" diameter
Identifier: 31.27
2192.Category: Watch
Description: Cinderella wristwatch, US Time, red cloth band,
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.16
2193.Category: Watch
Description: Hopalong Cassidy wristwatch, silver-colored casing and bezel, US Time, some scratches.
Measurements: .7 5" diameter
Identifier: 31.29
2194.Category: Watch
Description: Sovereign Wristwatch, black, leather band, half white/half blue, labeled "After" (0-29) and "Before" (29-0) with a picture of a German boy.
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.18
2195.Category: Watch
Description: Adam-Eve wristwatch, base metal gold-colored bezel; Uncle Sam "Vote" wristwatch, Uncle Sam hol& shirt open, stars replace numbers on the face, date box, base metal bezel, stainless steel back
Measurements: 1. 5t1 diameter; 1.25" diameter
Identifier: 31.20; 31.28
2196.Category: Watch
Description: Tissot wristwatch, Automatic seastar PR 5/6, band is thick leather engraved with a floral design, bars (no numerals), silver face and bezel; Timex man's wristwatch, day and date boxes, water-resistant, automatic, self-wind, # 4886103375, base metal bezel, stainless steel back, brown leather band missing clasp, gold-colored bezel, fair condition; Timex SSQ - black and base metal (gold-colored) face and bezel, black leather band, water resistant, stainless steel back, square face
Measurements: 1.5" H x 1.25" W; 1.5" diameter; 1.5" H x 1.5" W
Identifier: 31.34; 31.35; 31.36
2197.Category: Watch
Description: Bulova woman's wristwatch, 10K, R.G.P. bezel, stainless steel back, # X693375
Measurements: .75" H x .5" W
Identifier: 31.39
2198.Category: Watch
Description: Bulova woman's wristwatch, 10K, R.G.P. bezel, stainless steel back, # X693375; Waltham wristwatch, black fabric band, face in poor condition, 60-second chronograph; Waltham woman's wristwatch, gold-colored, base metal bezel, steel back
Measurements: .75" H x .5" W; 1" diameter; .75" H x .5" W
Identifier: 31.19; 31.40
2199.Category: Watch
Description: Elgin woman's wristwatch, gold-colored., base metal bezel, steel back.; Monarch watch charm, on a necklace/chain, in the shape of a ship's helm, 10K, "R.G.P."
Measurements: .7 5" diameter; 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.41; 31.42
2200.Category: Watch
Description: Coronet wristwatch, base metal, gold-colored bezel, 3 pink jewels in face (1 is dislodged), 8 round diamond-like jewels (4 missing).
Measurements: 1" H x .75" W
Identifier: 31.30
2201.Category: Misc
Description: Utica Pub tray, light blue and red; Westclox wristwatch, rectangular face, silver bezel with gold face, brown leather band, fair to poor condition
Measurements: 12" diameter; 1.25" H x 1" W
Identifier: 7.203; 31.37
2202.Category: Watch
Description: Monet Quartz wristwatch, white face with black roman numerals, stainless steel back, base metal bezel
Measurements: 1.25" H x 1" W
Identifier: 31.38
2203.Category: Watch
Description: Omega Constellation Men's wristwatch, "Automatic Chronometer Officially Certified", date box, off-white and silver, metal band
Measurements: 1.25" diameter
Identifier: 31.31
2204.Category: Watch
Description: Bulova men's wristwatch, base metal bezel, 1OKT R.G.P. back, "N4 1392072" digital, red, display, square face
Measurements: 1.5" H x 1.5" W
Identifier: 31.33
2205.Category: Watch
Description: Men's Watch
Identifier: 7.285
2206.Category: Watch
Description: All Star baseball face wristwatch, face is a baseball with signatures of Mickey Mantel, Roger Mans and Willie Mays, diamond-tooled, bass brass, gray leather band
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.17
2207.Category: Watch
Description: Rolex Oyster Viceroy wristwatch, chronometer, gold bezel with silver casing, roman numerals, fair condition, "Spadel USA" metal band.
Measurements: 1" diameter
Identifier: 31.32
2208.Category: Magazines
Description: Five Western Comic Books
Identifier: 7.286
2209.Category: Print
Description: Print of Winslow Homer's "Snap the Whip", 1872, oil on canvas
Measurements: 4.5" H x 7.5" W
Identifier: 31.46
2210.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.676
10 volume set: Stories by American Authors. Pub: Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1894. (2 Books) The New Arabian Nights and Treasure Island both by Robert Louis Stevenson. Both pub: The Judge Co., NY, 1909. Medallion Edition. (School Textbook) School Etymology: New Word-Analysis by William Swinton. Pub: lvison,Blakeman and Co., 1879.
2211.Category: Books
Identifier: 15.679
The Book of Psalms. Pub: C.J. Clay and Sons at the University Press, Cambridge, no year. Literature Primers edited by John Richard Green. English Literature by the Rev. Stopford Brooke. Pub: American Book Co., 1882. 2nd edition. MacMillan’s Pocket Classics (1900): Carlyle’s Essay on Burns: MacMillan’s Pocket Classics (1922): Eliot’s Silas Marner Rhymes of a Red Cross Man by Robert W. Service. Pub: Barse and Hopkins, 1916. King Henry VI, Part 3, by Shakespeare. Pub: Henry Altemus Co., Philadelphia, no date.
2212.The Novels of Victor Hugo (9 books), Les Miserables, (3 volume set), Ninety-Three,History of a Crime, Notre Dame de Paris, Toiler of the Sea, By Order of the King, and Hans of Iceland by The Valjean Edition. Pub: P.F. Collier andSon, NY
Identifier: 15.707
2213. The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition,Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT.Bound in leather. Twenty Years at Hull House by Jane Addams. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition,Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. Principia by Isaac Newton. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT. Boundin leather. The Baby in the Icebox by James M. Cain. Limited first edition. Pub: The Franklin Library forthe Members of the First Edition Society Amoung the Believers by V.S. Naipaul. Limited first edition. Pub: The Franklin Library forthe Members of the First Edition Society Summer of ‘49 by David Halberstam. Pub: William Morrow and Co., NY, 1989 Taras Shevchenko, Song Out of Darkness, Selected Poems translated from the Ukrainianby Vera Rich. Vol. 1, part 1. Pub: London, 1961 The Harvest of Sorrow - Soviet Civilization and the Terror-Famine by Robert Conquest. Pub:Oxford University Press, 1986 The Green Field and Running Brooks by James Whitcomb Riley. Pub: The Bowen-MerrillCo., 1985 His Pa’s Romance by James Whitcomb. Pub: Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1903 Old Fashioned Roses, 23rd Impression. Pub: Longmans, Green and Co., 1900 The Golden Year by James Whitcomb. Second Edition. Pub: Longmans, Green and Co.,1898 15.694
2214. American Country - A Style and Sourcebook by Mary Ellisor Emmerling. Pub: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc. NY, 1980 Top Chefs of the Triangle by Jane Sears Thompson, 1996 How to Make It on the Land by Ray Cohan, 1972 Collecting Greek Antiques by Herbert Hoffman, 1971 Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide To Home Repair, 1980 Build It Better Yourself by Rodale Press, 1977 15.720
2215. Hammond World Atlas by Funk & Wagnalls, 1978 The Consolidated Webster Encyclopedia Reference Dictionary. A Library of EssentialKnowledge. Pub: Consolidated Book Publishers, 1947 Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1972. The Columbia-Viking Desk Encyclopedia. Pub: The Viking Press, NY, 1953 The Life of Man Symbolized by Richard Pigot. Pub: Longman, Green, Reader and Dyer,London, 1866 Poems by Thomas Gray. Printed at Eton College, 1894 Historians of London by Stanley Rubinstein. Pub: Peter Owen, London, 1968 Pocket Dictionary, 1963 15.702
2216.Evangeline - A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Pub: Thomas Y. Cromwelland Co. NY, 1893. Covers ripped off and taped to the binding Will You Be My Friend? By James Kavanaugh, Sunrise Books. Pub: E.P. Dutton and Co.NY, 1971 Cosas de Espana y de Ia America Espanola by Albert Shapiro and F.J. Hurley. Pub: HenryHolt and Co. NY, June 1936 Masterpieces in Colour edited by T. Leman Hare “Sargent” by T. Martin Wood. Pub: T.C.and E.C Jack, London A Day With The Poet Wordsworth by Mary Byron. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton, NY A Day With John Keats by Mary Byron. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton, NY A Day With Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Mary Byron. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton, NY A Day With Sir Walter Scott by Mary Byron. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton, NY A Day With Percy Bysshe Shelley by Mary Byron. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton A Day With Byron by M.C. Gillington. Pub: Hodder and Stoughton, N.Y. 15.701
2217.Walden by Thoreau. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT. Bound inleather. Tom Jones. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. The Odyssey of Homer. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT. Bound inleather. The Poems of John Donne. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT.Bound in leather. The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’sEdition, Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. The Cherry Orchard and Three Sisters by Anton Checkov. Pub: The Easton Press,Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition,Norwalk, CT. 2 vol. set. Bound in leather. The Social Contract and Discoveries by Rousseau. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’sEdition, Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. 15.737
2218. British Battles on Land and Sea edited by Field-Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood. 2 vol. set. Pub:Cassell and Co., London, 1915 On War by Carl Von Clausewitz. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT.2 vol. set. Bound in leather. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition, Norwalk, CT.Bound in leather. The Two Treaties of Government by John Locke. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’sEdition, Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. The School and Society by John Dewey. Pub: The Easton Press, Collector’s Edition,Norwalk, CT. Bound in leather. Mint condition. 15.745
2219.flat of paperback books 15.750
2220.Category: Magazines
Description: Twenty Life Magazines 1947
Identifier: 7.287
2221.Category: Magazines
Description: Thirty-eight Look Magazines
Identifier: 7.288
2222.Category: Magazines
Description: Twenty-six Life Magazines 1969
Identifier: 7.289
2223.Category: Magazines
Description: Colliers, Ebony, Saturday Evening Post
Identifier: 7.290
2224.Category: Magazines
Description: One Modern Priscilla, 9 Pictorial Review magazines
Identifier: 7.291
2225.Category: Magazines
Description: Eleven Love Serenade (10)
Identifier: 7.293
2226.Category: Magazines
Description: Twelve True Story magazines (15)
Identifier: 7.294
2227.Category: Magazines
Description: Four Fortune magazines 1946
Identifier: 7.295
2228.Category: Magazines
Description: Song folio of Les Paul and Mary Ford theatre book, Stiel Pier
Identifier: 7.296
2229.Category: Magazines
Description: Theatre Arts magazines 1940's (35 & 50)
Identifier: 7.297
2230.Category: Magazines
Description: Popular Science magazines
Identifier: 7.298
2231.Category: Magazines
Description: Thirty-two 1970 Life magazines
Identifier: 7.299
2232.Category: Kitchen
Description: Cast iron pan with lid Carlisle #8
Identifier: 35.220
2233.Category: Misc
Description: Desk lamp
Identifier: 35.227
2234.Category: Kitchen
Description: Leather back pot holder
Identifier: 35.213
2235.Category: Misc
Description: Coca Cola thermometer
Identifier: 35.236
2236.Category: Thermometer
Description: Chesterfield cigarettes wall thermometer
Measurements: 13" H x 6" W
Identifier: 35.151
2237.Category: Bar Tool
Description: Bar tap handles. Brass and wood, two handles
Measurements: 22" H x 15.5" W x 10 D
Identifier: 7.266
2238.Lighted Barber Pole with wind up crank to spin the peppermint stick. Approx. 7 ft tall
2239.Oak Rocker
2240.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: T. C. G. 1971-1972 season baseball card Nos.:147, 234, 263, 264, 313, 347, 423, 479
Identifier: 7.54
2241.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: Tops 1968 Baseball card Nos.: 93, 121, 287 and 122
Identifier: 7.51
2242.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: T. C. G. 1972 season baseball card Nos.: 146, 153, 182, 513
Identifier: 7.55
2243.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: T. C. G. 1970-1971 season baseball card Nos.:158, 193, 214, 306, 314, 382, 547,559, 580, 662 -
Identifier: 7.53
2244.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: Hockey cards: Jacques Richard, Flames, 74-75; Ivan Boldirev, Black Hawks, 74-75; Bill Flett, Maple Leafs,74-75; Phil Esposito, Bruins, 74-75; Bert Marshall, Islanders, 74-75; Floyd Smith, Sabres, 72-73.
Identifier: 7.46
2245.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: 1970's Harlem Globe Trotters cards 15 cards of a set of 84.
Identifier: 7.47
2246.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: 1971 Basketball cards: Doug Moe, VA Squires; Luther Rackley, Cavaliers; Lee Davis, Pros; Jim Barnett Warriors; John Johnson, Cavaliers; Nate Thurmond, Warriors; Arvesta Kelly, Condors; Don Smith, Super Sonics; Elgin Baylor, Lakers; Connie Hawkins, Suns; Steve
Identifier: 7.48
2247.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: T. C. G. 1973-1974 season baseball card Nos.:7, 22, 23T, 37, 51T, 89, 107, 112, 123, 262, 310, 373, 377,427, 428T, 468, 531, 542, 546, 573, 577 and 607
Identifier: 7.56
2248.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: Football cards: Rickie Harris, NE Pats, 1971; Ken Bowman, Packers, 1972; Bill Stanfill, Dolphins, 1971; Clyde Washington, Jets, circa 1963; Ron Yankowski, Cardinals, 3rd season; 1974 Packers Team Checklist; Chip Myers, Bengals, 1973; Larry Kaminski, Broncos,
Identifier: 7.45
2249.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: From 1963-1964 season: 12 Phillies, 2 Yankees, 2 Dodgers and 1 Mets player.
Identifier: 7.49
2250. Rembrandt by Haremez Van Rijn, 1975 Michelangelo, 1964 Impressionism by the editors Realites. Pub: Chartwell Books Inc., 1973. Yves Tanguy; Malingue Museum. Exhibit: May 15 - July 12, 2002 15.822
2251. Botanica edited by R.J.Turner, 1997 Botanica's Roses by Tommy Cairns, 1998 15.828
2252.Edvard Munch by Ragna Stang - The Man and His Art. Translated from Norwegian byGeoffrey Culverell. Pub: Abbeville Press, Inc. 1979. The Moderns by Gaston Diehl Giovanni Bellini - Phaidon Edition - Advance copy from the author, Philip Hendy and LudwigGoldscheider. Pub: Phaidon Press Ltd, Oxford and London, 1945. 5 prints and 121 plates. The Greatest Book of Currier and Ives America by Walton Rawls. Pub: Harrison House, NY,1986. 5.757
2253.An Illustrated History of Music by Marc Pincherle. Pub: Reynal and Co., NY, 1959. That’s Dancing! By Tony Thomas. Pub: Abrams 40,000 Years of Music by Jacques Chailley. Pub: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1964. Grand Opera - The Story of the World’s Leading Opera House and Personalities edited byAnthony Gishford. Pub: The Viking Press, NY, 1972 The Life of Mozart by Fischer and Besch. Pub: MacMillan, 1969, 15.811
2254.Piano Forte by Ferninand Beyer Musical America, Fiftieth Anniversary 1898-1948. Golden Jubilee edition. Pub: Feb 1948,Vol. 68, No.3 Giant Combo fake book, 1953. Twenty Four Italian Songs, 1948 The Best Of Broadway 15.836
2255.1New York Times Page One, edited by Herbert J.Cohen, 1978 The American Spirit - The Paintings of Mort Kunstler. Text by Henry Steele Commager.Pub: Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1986. Signed by author, in mint condition. Scenic America by K.Westcott Jones, 1984 Bears - Rulers of the Wilderness by Robert Elman. Pub: Todtri, 1992 5.756
2256.A Treasury of Grand Opera edited by Henry W. Simon. Pub: Simon & Schuster, NY, 1946 The Complete Book of Classical Music edited by David Ewen. Pub: Prentice Hall, NJ, 1965. The World of Opera by Wallace Brockway and Herbert Weinstock. Pub: Pantheon Books,1962 The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music edited by Geoffrey Hindley. Pub: Excaliber Books, NY NA, 1981. 15.816
2257.Chopin in His Own Land. Documents and Souvenirs, collected by Krystyna Kobylanska.Pub: Polish Music Publications, Cracow, 1955 2 copies of “A Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan, The Words and Music of 102 Songs from Eleven Operettas”. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1941 The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan (illus. by W.S. Gilbert). Pub: Garden CityPublishing Co., Garden City, NY 15.826
2258.Hieronymus Bosch by Charles De Tolnay. An Algebra book. Pub: Reynol and Co. inassociation with William Morrow and Co., NY, 1966. Chagall by Werner Haftmann, 1984 Joseph Hayden, His Life in Contemporary Pictures by Laszlo Somfai. Pub: TaplingerPublishing Co., NY, 1969 NA, (2 books) How To Draw and Paint, 1981 15.834
2259.Moments of Discovery by Eliot Porter, 1988 The Great Book of French Impressionism by Diane Kelder, 1980 Modern Art 1890- 1918 by Jean Clay. Pub: The Vendome Press, 1978. Constable by John Walker. Part of the Library of Great Painters. Pub: Harry N. Abrams, NY,1978. 15.831
2260.Legacy of Life by Di Ninni and Di Ninni. Vol. II. Pub: Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 1996 Verdi, The Man in His Letters by Franz Werfel and Paul Stefan. Pub: L.B. Fischer PublishingCo., NY The Arts by Hendrik WilIem Van Loon. Pub: Simon and Schuster, NY, 1942. First edition. Appalachia and My Land by Muriel Miller Dressler, 1973. The American Flag - State of NY education department by Harlan Hoyt Homer. 6th Annualreport, supplemental volume. Pub: 1910 Dry Brush and Pencil Drawings by Andrew Wyeth, 1963. 15.724
2261.Category: Collector Sports Cards
Description: (2) 1963 World Series card and (1) 1968 World Series (card #163)
Identifier: 7.50
2262.Category: Baron
Description: Metal sculpture by Baron, Caballo ingles, #26 of 100, horse in 2 pcs
Measurements: 9.5"H x 12"W x 4.75"D
Identifier: 35.165
2263.Category: Pitcher
Description: Carnival glass pitcher, orange, fruit design. Crack in the bottom
Measurements: 8" H x 5.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.88
2264.Category: Sculpture
Description: Metal sculpture of a female Indian on green / black stone base. D.H. Chiparus.
Measurements: 19" H x 4" W x 6" D
Identifier: 35.80
2265.Category: Mortar and Pestle
Description: Heavy metal pestle and mortar
Measurements: 9" H x 7" diameter
Identifier: 35.76
2266.Category: Kitchen
Description: Griswold Dutch oven cast iron, No. 9
Identifier: 35.221
2267.Category: Knife Cleaner
Description: Knife cleaner, made of a very heavy metal, Reads: Vono, No.2. British made
Measurements: 6.5" H x 7" diameter
Identifier: 35.135
2268.Category: Mallet
Description: Wooden mallet.
Measurements: 36" H. Head: 10.5" long x 5" diameter
Identifier: 35.50
2269.Category: Kettle
Description: Copper tea kettle.
Measurements: 12" H (incI. handle) x 11" square base
Identifier: 35.8
2270.Category: Watch
Description: Tissot Stylist watch, silver casing thin, face glass casing broken; Elgin pocketwatch, silver casing, white face, 60-second chronograph, engraving of a locomotive on the back; American Waltham pocketwatch, gold casing, white face, 60-second chronograph, engraved pattern on the casing; Elgin Pocketwatch, Elgin National Watch Co., Elgin, IL., #5758021, white face, roman numerals, 60-second chronograph; Ingersoll Pocketwatch. White face, black numerals, 60-second chro, silver casing; Ingraham Pocketwatch, brown casing, yellow glass over face.; Admiral Pocketwatch, non-magnetic, Swiss, gold casing, 60-second chronograph, white face.; Viris Pocketwatch, gold face and casing
Measurements: 1.75" diameter; 2.25" diameter; 2.25" diameter; 2" diameter; 2" diameter; 2" diameter; 2" diameter; 2" diameter
Identifier: 31.21; 31.10; 31.13; 31.14; 31.15; 31.4; 31.5; 31.8
2271.Category: Misc
Description: Reads: 270; (2) metal lighters, both still have wicks, bottom reads: "Evans Fuel"; White, glass and gold. Rim is chipped in two places (opposite sides of each cigarette indentation)
Measurements: 8.5" H x 3.5"D base; 2.75" H x 1.75" diameter base (each); 2" H x 5.5" diameter
Identifier: 4.13; 8.170; 8.173
2272.Category: Stamps
Description: Full sheets of 15-cent stamps: Internal Year of the Child, Great Gray Owl, Wildlife Conservation, Photography, George M. Cohen - Yankee Doodle Dandy, Christmas (red, boy on rocking horse), Trees, Winter Olympics and W.C. Fields.
Measurements: NA
Identifier: 8.58
2273.Category: Trading Cards
Description: Upper Deck 1992 Comic Bass IV trading cards.Looney Toons characters in mint condition, complete set of 198 cards.
Measurements: NA
Identifier: 6.1
2274.Category: Rat Trap
Description: Antique rat trap - Lowell Mann, Erie, PA
Measurements: 7.5" H x 4" W x 6.5~1 D
Identifier: 8.13
2275.Category: Plate
Description: 1976 Olympic plate by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain
Measurements: 81" diameter
Identifier: 8.66
2276.Category: Misc
Description: description~ Small metal Empire State Building; Rose in the center with pink jewels surrounding; Iron stamps; description: Metal sculpture of a bell mounted on wood; Israel State Medal, Terra Sancta, gold-colored medal.
Measurements: measurements 3" H x 1" W x .75" D; .5" diameter; 2.75" 1-1 x 3.5" W x 1.25" 1); 2.5" H x 2.25" diameter; 2.25" diameter
Identifier: 8.61; 8.63; 8.75; 8.76; 23.87
2277.Category: Sculpture
Description: Pair of wooden spears in the shape of people, broken ear
Measurements: 28" II and 29" H
Identifier: 9.74
2278.Category: Sculpture
Description: Large black goblet
Measurements: 14" H x 6" diameter
Identifier: 35.60
2279.Category: Kitchen
Description: Poch and Wednesdbury Pot with lid
Identifier: 35.199
2280.Category: Kitchen
Description: Two pots
Identifier: 35.201
2281.Category: Kitchen
Description: Kenrick pot with lid
Identifier: 35.200
2282.Category: Kitchen
Description: Two pots
Identifier: 35.201
2283.Category: Tea Server
Description: Silver tea server
Measurements: 10.25" H x 4.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.28
2284.Category: Vase
Description: Metal vase with intricate engravings
Measurements: 9.25" H x 4.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.84
2285.Category: Grind
Description: Copper Grinder
Measurements: 7" H
Identifier: 35.66
2286.Category: Pitcher
Description: Copper pitcher
Measurements: 9.5" H
Identifier: 35.65
2287.Category: Coat tree
Description: Brass coat tree, 5 high hooks, 4 low hooks
Measurements: 71.25" H x 2" diameter
Identifier: 35.141
2288.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection of 14 irons. Have either wooden or metal handles, some rest on stands, several are fabric covered. Some manufacturers are Cannon, Orion, Dover and others.
Measurements: Various
Identifier: 35.136
2289.Category: American Flag
Description: tattered flag, wooden pole, old and dirty
Measurements: Pole: 84" H; flag: 40" H
Identifier: 35.186
2290.Category: Churn
Description: Large wooden churn or bucket. Wood and metal.
Measurements: 16" H x 25" diameter
Identifier: 35.148
2291.Category: Kitchen
Description: Brass pan no lid, Kenrick, 4 pints
Identifier: 35.224
2292.Category: Kitchen
Description: Brass waste can
Identifier: 35.222
2293.Category: Kitchen
Description: Set of 5 crystal goblets
Identifier: 35.208
2294.Category: Mug
Description: Royal Doulton. The Antagonists' Collection. The Battle of Little Big Horn 1876. 2-faced mug, George Armstrong Custer on one side and Sitting Bull on the other. Limited edition #3561 of 9500
Measurements: 7" H x 5.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.79
2295. American Artists of the Revolution 1981 - 1982. Editor: Anne Avery. Pub: Wilson, GilmerTX, 1981. Equus by Robert Vavra. Pub: William Morrow and Co., NY, 1977. Signed by author. America's Heartland by Suzi Forbes, 1985 Landscapes of America by Bill Harris, 1983 Tatry - Milic Blahout - Pavol Repka. Pub: Vydaratel’stro Obzor, Bratislava. 15.856
2296.The Art of Rock - A Spectacular Visual and Oral History by Paul D. Grushkin. Pub: AbbevillePress, NY, 1987. The Sketchbooks of Picasso edited by Arnold and Marc Glimcher. Pub: The Atlantic MonthlyPress, Boston/NY, 1986, First Edition. Dali by Robert Descharnes, 1985 Abstract Painting by Denis Thomas, 1976 Kandinsky by Michel Conil Lacoste, 1979 15.869
2297. America’s Glorious Quilts. Edited by Dennis Duke and Deborah Harding. Pub: Park Lane,NY, 1987. More Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel, 1985 Amish Odyssey by Bill Coleman The Amish: The Enduring Spirit by Leslie Ann Hauslein, 1990 Horses by Walter D.Osborne, 1966. 15.866
2298.Collected Drawings of Aubrey Beardsley by Arthur Symons, 1966 Modigliani Utrillo, Vol. 16. Pub: Shueisha, 1972. Very good condition. Anyone Can Paint by Arthur Zaidenberg, 1946 Cezanne, Vol. 3. Pub: Shueisha, 1971. El Greco, Vol. 14. Pub: Shueisha, 1979. 15.855
2299.Modern Music and Musicians. Editor-in-chief Louis Elson. Encyclopedia Vol. II: Religiousmusic, Vocal music, The Opera. Pub” The University Society, 1912 Richard Wolfe's Legit Country Fake Book Stephen Foster Songbook by Richard Jackson. 1974 The Album of Modern Piano Music, 1936 A Treasury of Stephen Foster by Deems Taylor, 1946 Songs by William Otto Miller (4th edition). Pub: The Press of the University of Pennsylvania,1923. A Treasury of Grand Opera edited by Henry W. Simon. Pub: Simon & Schuster, NY, 1946 Songs That Never Die (Illus.) Compiled by Henry Frederic Reddall. Pub” Lyceum PublishingCo., Philadelphia, PA Music Appreciation by Robert Hikok. Pub: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1971. President McKinley’s Favorite Hymn, Lead Kindly Light (illus.) by John P. Newman. Pub:Henry Altemus Co. Philadelphia, 1901 15.844
2300. I Remember America by Eric Sloane. Pub: Funk and Wagnalls, NY, 1971. Pennsylvania by Barbara A.Haber, 1991 Pennsylvania by Clyde H.Smith, 1978 Wildflowers Across America by Lady Bird Johnson, 1988 15.863
2301.Norman Rockwell - 332 Magazine covers by Christopher Finch. Pub: Random House,Abbeville Press, NY, 1979. 15.886
2302. Britannica Atlas, Helen H.Benton,1974 Our Country - A Pictorial History of the United States as presented by The Philadelphia Enquirer. Part 1 of 4: 1492- 1783. Pub: Jan 18, 1949. A Very Young Circus Flyer by Jill Krementz, 1979 Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women by Ricky Jay, 1986 15.861
2303.John Singer Sargent by Carter Ratcliff. Winner of the American Book Award. Pub:Abbeville Press, NY, 1982. 4th printing. Allan Houser by Barbara Perlman, 1987 Siqueiros. Text by Mario de Micheli. Pub: Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1968. Translated fromItalian by Ron Strom. Vincent Van Gogh by Meyer Schapiro. Pub: Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1983. 15.890
2304. Ripken - Cal on Cal. Edited by Mark Vancil. Pub: The Summit Publishing Group, Arlington,TX, 1995. Mint condition. Man of the House by Tip O'Neill, 1987 Ralston Health Club - General Membership. 7th edition interpreted by Edmund Shaftesbury.Pub: The Martyn College Press, Assoc., Washington D.C., 1896. Has a leatherette cover. The Stroudsburgs in the Poconos by Marie and Frank Summa. Pub: Arcadia, 1998. How To Defeat Alcoholism by Joseph D.Beardsley, 1989. Drawing Made Easy by Joseph Cummings Chase. Part of the “Made Easy” Series. Pub:Edward J. Clode, 1919. Good condition. Monster in a Box by Spalding Gray, 1992. Other Worlds Science Stories - Oct. 1950, Issue No. 7, Vol. 2, Num. 3 With God in Russia by Walter J.Ciszek, 1966 He Leadeth Me by Walter J.Ciszek, 1975 Young Rocky by Joe Sarge Kinney, 1985 15.894
2305.Category: Tools
Description: Tool lot
Identifier: 35.225
2306.Category: Tools
Description: Tool lot
Identifier: 35.226
2307.Category: Misc
Description: Wooden hanging shelf
Identifier: 35.203
2308.Category: Sculpture
Description: Wooden sculpture, sleigh with a man and woman in a black carriage with red wheels
Measurements: 14" H x 10.25" W x 27" D
Identifier: 35.149
2309.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection of 14 irons. Have either wooden or metal handles, some rest on stands, several are fabric covered. Some manufacturers are Cannon, Orion, Dover and others.
Measurements: Various
Identifier: 35.136
2310.Category: Chalkboard
Description: Chalkboard with ledge
Measurements: 14.5" H x 20.5" W x 2.25" D
Identifier: 35.147
2311.Category: Chaffing Dish
Description: Metal with a copper bottom, holds two sections snake, standing on a child's back, inside a circle of food.
Measurements: 10" H x 18" W x 10.75" D
Identifier: 35.126
2312.Category: Kettle
Description: Kettle - steel, Bolueta, #40, 3-legs
Measurements: 9.5" H x 7" diameter4
Identifier: 35.130
2313.Category: Mortar and Pestle
Description: Metal, 4 lion faces around the outside.
Measurements: Mortar: 7" H x 10.5" diameter; pestle: 14"long
Identifier: 35.86
2314.Category: Christmas
Description: Belt with 30 sleigh bells
Identifier: 35.191
2315.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection of 14 irons. Have either wooden or metal handles, some rest on stands, several are fabric covered. Some manufacturers are Cannon, Orion, Dover and others.
Measurements: Various
Identifier: 35.136
2316.Category: Kitchen
Description: Carnival drinking glass
Identifier: 35.240
2317.Category: Kitchen
Description: Crystal vase
Identifier: 35.244
2318.Category: Goblet
Description: (6) Goblets, stainless chrome
Measurements: 5" H
Identifier: 35.75
2319.Category: Creamer / Sugar set
Description: Silver creamer (with lid) and sugar (no lid) set
Measurements: Creamer: 4" H; Sugar: 6" H
Identifier: 35.74
2320.Category: Tool
Description: 2 hand saws; Multi-use tool, metal, hammer, axe, wrench, pick, etc.
Measurements: Lare: 27" long x 7" W; Small: 18" long x 4.5" W; 11" long
Identifier: 35.93; 35.94
2321.Category: Doll
Description: Metal Mardi Gras doll with a dragon head mask & Oriental Calendar.
2322.Category: Pitcher
Description: Royal Ainsley, miniature blue and gold pitcher. No. 7704
Measurements: 2.75" H x 2" diameterI
Identifier: 35.45
2323.Category: Glasses
Description: (6) Purple glasses with gold design
Measurements: 4" H x 3" diameter
Identifier: 35.47
2324.Category: Misc
Description: Antique iron collection of 14 irons. Have either wooden or metal handles, some rest on stands, several are fabric covered. Some manufacturers are Cannon, Orion, Dover and others; Silver salt and pepper shaker set. Made in Italy.
Measurements: Various; ; 4.75 - 5.5" H x 1.75" diameter
Identifier: 35.136; 35.197; 35.78
2325.Category: Kitchen
Description: Metal, antique kitchen utensils: 3 strainers, 1 cheese greater, 5 ladles, 2 spatulas and 1 shovel.
Identifier: 35.104
2326.Category: Misc
Description: (2) gold votives, match the votives in the music room, except these are missing the red glass; Tin travel cup (collapsible); Brass bowl with engravings of birds; Steel fork and spoon ornaments; Antique Dixie Maid Syrup can; Miniature salt and pepper shakers. Sterling V.L.; P8CC Sterling weighted 7
Measurements: 2.5" H x 2.25" diameter; 3" 14 x 2.5" diameter; 6" diameter; ; 21" Long; 4.5" H x 4" diameter; 1" H x .75" diameter; 3" H x 3.5" diameter.
Identifier: 35.107; 35.129; 35.14; 35.211; 35.62; 35.70; 35.83; 35.87
2327.Category: Misc
Description: (2) Alvarez miniature porcelain plates; Caprisserie de Bayeux, Limoges/France, porcelain sugar, creamer and cup and saucer. Design of soldiers on horses; (7) Argent Silver knife rests, Read: T-900
Measurements: 3.75" diameter; Sugar: 3.75" H x 2" diameter; creamer: 3" H x 1.75" diameter; cup:3" H x 4.25" diameter; saucer: 7.5" diameter; 1" H x 3.5" W x 1" D
Identifier: 35.23; 35.24; 35.38
2328.Category: Decanter
Description: Crystal wine decanter
Measurements: 10.5" H 7.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.42
2329.Category: Candy dish
Description: Crystal candy dish
Measurements: 13" H x 6.25" diameter
Identifier: 35.18
2330.Category: Dish
Description: 5 Glass Serving Plates.
2331.Category: Kitchen
Description: Vase box lot
Identifier: 35.243
2332.Category: Misc
Description: Mirror with flamingos
Identifier: 7.311
2333. Paintings in the Louvre by Lawrence Gowing. Pub: Stewart, Tabori and Chang, NY, 1987. Painterly Painting edited by Thomas B.Hess, 1971 Gainsborough - Paintings and Drawings by John Hayes. Pub: Phaidon, London, 1975. Children and Their Art, 2nd Edition, by Gaitskell / Hurwitz. Pub: Harcourt, Brace and World Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kamdinsky, 1977 15.906
2334.Eternal Security by Charles Stanley, 1990 How To Listen To God by Charles Stanley, 1985 How To Handle Adversity by Charles Stanley, 1989 Prose di Silvio Pellico. Pub: Felice le Monnier, Firenze, 1851. Cover in poor condition.Pages in fair condition. Tobacco Leaves by John Bain Jr. Pub: H. M. Caldwell Co., Boston, 1903. Suede cover detached. History of the Devil, 4th edition. Printed for Joseph Fisher, facing Tom’s coffee house in Cornhill. 1739. Poor condition, front cover detached but present. (2) National Audubon Society Nature Program. Pub: Nelson-Doubleday . 15.952
2335. Classic Farm Tractors by Randy Leffingwell, 1993. Zamagurie by Kamil Vyskocil, 1981 The Undiscovered Kilim by David Black Oriental Carpets Mammoth Book of Dinosaurs by Modern Publishing, 1989 College Dictionary,1984. Moonstring by George Mendoza, 1971 15.909
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2341. Green Mansions by W. H. Hudson, no date. Duruy’s General History of the World by Victor Duruy. Complete 4 volume set. Pub: Reviewof Reviews Co., NY, 1912. The Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology by Thomas Bullfinch. Vol. 2-4 of 4. Pub: Reviewof Reviews Co., 1912, NY. Sherlock Holmes Collection. Set of 4: A Study in Scarlet / The Sign of the Four, TheMemoirs of Sherlock Homes, The Adventures of Sherlock Homes and The Hound of theBaskervilles by Sir Conan Doyle. Pub: The Beebles Classic Library. 1978. Mint condition. 15.925
2342. Octopus Books - Indian Art. - American Art. -African Art. - Japanese Art. - Chinese Art. - Art of Classical Greece. - Precolumbian Art. - Christian Art. - Art Noveau. - Roman Art. 15.910
2343.Category: Magazines
Description: Tip Top Comics
Identifier: 7.382
2344.Category: Misc
Description: Black and white photo in a frame
Identifier: 7.312
2345.Category: Kitchen
Description: Two brass bowls
Identifier: 35.193
2346.Category: Misc
Description: Black glass square vase; ; (4) Miniature, red, goblets; Italian hand-painted candlestick holders/sconces, Floral design, blue trim.
Measurements: 8" H x 4.5" square; ; 3.25" H x 1.75" diameter; 6" H x 4" diameter
Identifier: 35.173; 35.192; 35.43; 35.6
2347.Category: Kitchen
Description: 2 old colander/sieves
Identifier: 35.13
2348.Category: Kitchen
Description: Two watches, miscellaneous items and 2 lockets
Identifier: 35.198
2349.Category: Games
Description: Cue stick in the case
Identifier: 35.239
2350.Category: Kitchen
Description: Cast iron ladle
Identifier: 35.195
2351.Category: Kitchen
Description: Copper kettle, wooden handle, round. Stainless steel. Reads: Benedict Proctor, Canada, E.P.N.S.. indestructed, 2200, #10.
Measurements: 8.5" H (incl. handle) x 7" diameter
Identifier: 35.10; 35.19
2352.Category: Misc
Description: Collection of (6) canes with sculptured handles: Asian male faces; Ram; Asian garden with a fawn and branches; a woman; an owl; and a dragon. All on wooden canes.; Caprisserie de Bayeux, Limoges/France, porcelain sugar, creamer and cup and saucer. Design of soldiers on horses; (2) Sets of copper salt and pepper shakers; Antique Pepper and Sugar shake; Japanese cup and saucer set. Porcelain; Atlas sculpture, plastic, black, holding "Old World" style, yellow, globe. The wrists were broken and repaired.
Measurements: 36 - 37" L; Sugar: 3.75" H x 2" diameter; creamer: 3" H x 1.75" diameter; cup:3" H x 4.25" diameter; saucer: 7.5" diameter; 2" H x 5" H; 3.25" H; Cup: 4" H x 4.5" diameter; Saucer: 7" diameter; 10" H x 5.25" D x 4" W
Identifier: 3.58; 35.24; 35.58; 35.59; 35.63; 35.69
2353.Category: Misc
Description: Crystal, pear-shaped dish with lid; Baccarat crystal coasters; Small crystal creamer with 2 handles.
Measurements: 4.5" H x 2.5" diameter; 5.5" diameter; 2.75" II x 2.5" diameter
Identifier: 35.22; 35.31; 35.33
2354.Category: Kitchen
Description: Glass vegetable dish
Identifier: 35.202
2355.Category: Kitchen
Description: Wooden tray
Identifier: 35.212
2356.Category: Bank
Description: Mack Bull Dog bank
Measurements: 9" H x 9" D x 6" W
Identifier: 35.61
2357.Category: Plate
Description: (4) Italian hand-painted plates. 14" diameter blue, red, and purple flower pattern; 13.25" diameter brown and white deer pattern; 12" diameter yellow flower and green leaves pattern; 15" diameter blue serving platter with red flowers, yellow and green leaves.
Identifier: 35.4
2358.Category: Wine
Description: 1992 Napa Valley Merlot - Marilyn Monroe
Measurements: NA
Identifier: 35.44
2359.Category: silver
Description: Silver serving platter, 3 compartments, a tree in the center. Some signs of decay on the plate.
Measurements: 14.25" 11 x 20.25" W
Identifier: 35.5
2360.Category: Misc
Description: Metal. Symbol of a windmill and 2 pipes on the bottom along with, "#3827; Toastmaster Hospitality tray set: 1 large tray and 4 small trays. McGraw Electric Co., Waters-Genter Division, Minneapolis, MN. Genuine plywood, camfield process; Handcrafted, American Heritage commemorative stein designed by Aladar Klubert. Made by Ceramarte (Brazil) 1983. Space shuttle design.
Measurements: 9" H x 4.75" diameter; 26" W x 16"; 8.5" H x 4" diameter
Identifier: 35.111; 35.52; 35.81
2361.Category: Newspaper
Description: The Ulster County Gazette, 1st account of burial of George Washington, death January 4, 1800
Identifier: 7.394
2362.Category: Bath
Description: Hanging bathroom towel rack
Identifier: 7.373
2363.Category: Books
Description: Set of Little Blue Book (medical)
Identifier: 7.390
2364.Category: Misc
Description: Diaries dated 1909, 1911 and 1914
Identifier: 7.396
2365.Category: Jack
Description: Bailey hat
Identifier: 7.395
2366.Category: Misc
Description: This England 1953 calendar
Identifier: 7.387
2367.Category: Misc
Description: The Lightning Adding Machine Co., Inc., LA, Calif.
Identifier: 7.391
2368.Category: Misc
Description: Two art boxes
Identifier: 7.379
2369.Category: Misc
Description: Brass vase
Identifier: 7.343
2370.Category: Magazines
Description: Barber's Chairs, Allentown, Shop Equipment & Supplies, copyright 1930
Identifier: 7.378
2371.Category: Misc
Description: Nursery rhyme coloring books
Identifier: 7.347
2372.Category: Magazines
Description: The Instructor, 4 issues, 1940's
Identifier: 7.352
2373.Category: Magazines
Description: Maxfield Parish, the Early Years, 1893-1930
Identifier: 7.350
2374. Britannica World Atlas, 1966. The Encyclopedia of Animals,2000 Reader's Digest: Our Amazing World of Nature, 1969 Webster’s Dictionary, 1992. 15.1131
2375. The Wild West - An American Frontier, Age of the Gunfighter and The Native Americans (3volume box set) by William C. Davis. Pub: Salamander Books, Ltd., London 2000 The Civil War - The Battlefields, The Fighting Men and The Commanders (3 volume box set)by William C. Davis. Pub: Salamander Books, Ltd, London, 1999. 15.1116
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2378. Traveler's Colorbook Series, Washington D.C. by Crescent The Adventures of Archaeology by Brian M. Fagan. Pub: National Geographic Society,1985. First Edition. The Lady Blows a Horn by Nancy Mohr - As Told From Interviews with Nancy Penn Smith Hannum. Pub: Seymor Press, Unionville, PA, 1995. Signed by both Nancy Mohr and Nancy Hannum. Liberty: The Statue and the American Dream by Leslie Allen, 1985 Billy Baldwin Decorates, 1972. Orbit by Thomas H.Block, 1982. This Business of Music by Sidney Shemel, 1974. 15.1037
2379. Remember When by Dan Epstein, 2001. Berlin 1945-1987 by Henry V.Hofmann Verlag. Paisajes Y horizontes de Florencio Aguilera by Raul Chavairi, 1982 My Ideas, Inspiration and Life As an Artist by Henry Moore, 1986. An Album of Memories by Tom Brokaw, 2001. Folk Tales and Fables of the World by Barbara Hayes, 1987 15.1122
2380. Ulysses by James Royce. Part of the Oxford Library of the World’s Greatest Books. The Comedies of William Shakespeare. Pub: The Easton Press, Norwalk, CT. Part of the100 Greatest Books Ever Written The Tragedies of William Shakespeare. Pub: The Easton Press, Norwalk, CT. Part of the100 Greatest Books Ever Written. The Histories of William Shakespeare. Pub: The Easton Press, Norwalk, CT. Part of the 100Greatest Books Ever Written. Candide by Voltaire, 1981. Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry. Pub: Vacoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co., NY, 1905 The Medieval Idea of Law by Walter Ullman, 1969. 15.1077
2381. Spectacular Alaska by Dana Levy and Letitia Burns. Pub: Perpetua Press, LA, 1988 The Grand Canyon by Letitia Burns O’Connor. Pub: Perpetua Press, LA, 1992 Spectacular America by Dana Levy and Letitia Burns O’Connor. Pub: Perpetua Press, La,1994 North by Northeast by Ray Ellis & Walter Cronkite. Pub: Oxmoor House, 1986 15.1112
2382.Chichikow’s Journeys; or Home Life in Old Russia by Nikolai Gogol. Pub: The HeritagePress, NY The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. Pub: 1946. Aphrodite by Pierre Louys, 1933. The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House,NY Barchester Towers and The Warden by Anthony Trollope. Part of The Modern Library pub.by: Random House, NY The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: RandomHouse, NY Aphrodite by Pierre Louys, 1933. Passages from the Diary of Samuel Pepys. Flowering Judas and Other Stories by Katharine Anne Porter. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY The Philosophy of William James. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY The Ordeal of Richard Feverel by George Meredith. Part of The Modern Library pub. by:Random House, NY Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY The Cream of the Jest by James Branch Cabell. Part of The Modern Library pub. by:Random House, NY A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield. Part of The Modern Library pub. by: Random House, NY 15.1094
2383.Bette & Joan by Shaun Considine, 1989. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdic, 1989 The World’s Great Adventure by Francis Trevelyan Miller. Pub: The John C. Winston Co.,1930 Guinea Pig Doctors by Franklin & Sutherland (signed), 1984 Great Russian Stories edited by Stephen Graham Pub: Ernest Benn, London, 1959 Sutter’s Own Story by Erwin G. Gudde. Pub: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, NY, 1936 15.1069
2384. Madame Butterfly by John Luther Long (Japanese Edition). Pub: The Century Co., NY, 1903 Cast Up By the Sea by Sir Samuel W. Baker. Pub: William L. Allison, NY The Mystery of a Mining Town by Walter Meredith. Pub: Worthington Co., NY, 1891 Our Farm of 4 Acres and the Money We Made By It. Pub: James Miller, NY, 1871 Lady’s Book of Flowers and Poetry edited by Lucy Hooper. Pub: J.C. Riker, NY, 1847. Handcolored. Missing one page. Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells. First American Edition. Pub: Harper and Brothers Publishers.NY/London, 1909. The Poetical Works of Robert Burns edited by The Rev. Robert Avis Willmott. Pub: GeorgeRoutledge and Sons, London, 1951 Milton’s Poems. Pub: Thomas Y. Crowell and Co., NY, circa 1951 Field and Fern or Scottish Flocks and Herds (South) by H.H. Dixon. Pub: Vinton and Co.,London. Part of “The Druid” Sporting Library, Red leather edition. Volume #6 of 7. 15.1003
2385.Category: Music
Description: Army music
Identifier: 7.348
2386.Category: Misc
Description: Miscellaneous magazines and paper lot
Identifier: 7.349
2387.Hand painted saw with scene of covered bridge and mill
2388.Category: Misc
Description: Wooden box with paints
Identifier: 7.355
2389.Category: Music
Description: Cassette lot
Identifier: 7.339
2390.Category: Linen
Description: Four sets of sheets, complete
Identifier: 7.366
2391.Category: Linen
Description: Four sets of sheets, complete
Identifier: 7.367
2392.Category: Bar
Description: Tempo imported liqueurs (2)
Identifier: 7.393
2393.Category: Bar
Description: Lot of shot glasses
Identifier: 7.392
2394.Category: Misc
Description: Paper lot
Identifier: 7.351
2395.Category: Linen
Description: Two sets of sheets, mix match sheets, pillowcases
Identifier: 7.368
2396.Category: Linen
Description: Hand towels and 2 bath towels
Identifier: 7.369
2397.Category: Art
Description: Cigar box with artist pens
Identifier: 7.381
2398.Category: Magazines
Description: Beauty Shop Equipment & Supplies, #24, 1930
Identifier: 7.375
2399.Category: Magazines
Description: Price list of Parts Koch's Revolving Barber's Poles, 1929
Identifier: 7.377
2400.Category: Magazines
Description: Beauty Book of Knowledge, 1956 & 1954
Identifier: 7.376
2401.Category: Art
Description: Miscellaneous art supplies
Identifier: 7.380
2402.Category: Games
Description: Badminton set
Identifier: 7.354
2403.Category: Magazines
Description: Police Gazette from year 1883, 1884, 1871 and 1887
Identifier: 7.383
2404.Category: Magazines
Description: International Thunderbird Club, Thunderbird Headquarters
Identifier: 7.346
2405.Category: Magazines
Description: Three Saturday Evening Post 1972, 1973, 1974
Identifier: 7.365
2406.Category: Misc
Description: Holds 6 candles, brass-colored metal; Black metal and plastic, sling is broken but present.; Metal and red glass votives. Red glass votive rests in gold holder. #JB847; Bronze colored metal plate
Measurements: 6.75" H x 22" W x 2" D; 6.5" H x 5" W x 7" D; 3.75" H x 2.5" diameter; 7.75" L x 4.5" W
Identifier: 5.13; 23.54; 23.67; 27.20
2407.Category: Sheet Music
Description: Stack of sheet music
Measurements: 13" H
Identifier: 9.124
2408.Category: Sheet Music
Description: Stack of sheet music underneath the Victrola
Measurements: 5" H
Identifier: 23.75
2409.Category: Magazines
Description: The Etude Music Magazine, box lot
Identifier: 7.374
2410.Category: Misc
Description: Two tool boxes and shoe care kit
Identifier: 7.359
2411.Category: Christmas
Description: Box of 4 poinsettias
Identifier: 7.342
2412.Category: Christmas
Description: Christmas basket
Identifier: 7.341
2413.Category: Art
Description: Box lot of painting art books
Identifier: 7.364
2414.Category: Art
Description: Miscellaneous art books
Identifier: 7.402
2415.Category: Misc
Description: Wicker basket
Identifier: 7.357
2416.Category: Tool
Description: Wooden level
Identifier: 7.344
2417.Category: Misc
Description: Wooden box, France, 1 planter
Identifier: 7.358
2418.Better Homes and Gardens Family Medical Guide, 1980 Roget’s Thesaurus, 1965. Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1 918, edited by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. Published 1942 Science in Living by Brownwell, Ireland and Towne. Health and Safety Series. Pub: RandMcNally and Co., 1935. College Algebra by Rietz and Crathorne. Pub: Henry Holt and Co., 1919 The Holy Bible. Printed by: D. Fanshaw, 1843, 42nd edition. The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft by George Gissing. Intro: Paul Elmer More. Pub: Boniand Liveright Inc., NY, 1918. Good cond. cover showing some wear. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Charles Collodi. Part of “Library of Classics”. Collins Clear-type Press, London and Glasgow. Good cond., except for several spots of decay on the leather cover. Memoirs of Andrew Jackson - a biography of Andrew Jackson compiled by a citizen of Massachusetts. Pub: 1839, when Jackson was still living. Spine has tears but front cover is still attached. Key of Heaven - A selection of prayers and devotional exercises. Pub: H. L. Kilner and Co.,Philadelphia. Published with the Approbation of His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons.Leather bound. 15.940
2419. Masters of Modern Drama by Block & Shedd 1902 Edition of the Sears Roebuck Catalog, 1969. Roaming the American West by Donald E.Bowen, 1971. Matta by Malingue, 2004. Do-it-yourself Encyclopedia, 1970. Heroes of the Dark Continent by J. W. Duel. “Illus. with 500 of the grandest, most beautifuland wonderful engravings. Pub: John C. Winston and Co., 1890. Spine cracking but attached. Webster’s Dictionary,1959. 15.732
2420.The Life of Duke Wellington by J.H. Stocqueler, Esq. Volume I of a 2-volume set. Jas B. Haywire by Brooke Hayward, 1977. Line of Duty by Ernest Tidyman. Pub: W. H. Allen, London, 1974. The Spell of France by Caroline Atwater Mason. Pub: L.C. Page and Co, Boston, 1918 The Speaker’s Garland edited by Phineas Garrett. Hungry Hill by Daphne du Maurier. Pub: The Blackiston Co., Philadelphia, 1947. Commentary on the New Testament by D. D. Whedon, LLD. Vol. IV: I Corinthians - II Timothy. Pub: Nelson and Phillips, NY, 1875. Rhymes of a Red Cross Man by Robert W. Service. Pub: Barse and Hopkins, NY, 1916. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. 15.693
2421.The Works of Shakespeare, 8 vol. Set. Edited by Henry Irving and Frank Marchall. Pub:Blackie and Son, London. Illus. By Gordon Browne, Frank Dadd, W. H. Margetson and Maynard Brown. 15.801
2422.Heroes of the Dark Continent by J. W. Buel. Pub: The Historical Publishing Co., Philadelphia, 1889 Cassell’s Illustrated Readings. Pub: Cassell, Petter and Galpin. First Series. The Poetical Works of Lord Byron, New and Complete edition with portrait and illustrative engravings. Pub: John Murray, London, 1859. Front cover detached entirely. Candide by Voltaire, 1977. 15.797
2423. Scenic and Historic Niagra Falls - River, Rapids, Whirlpool and Frontier by Edward T.Williams. 1925. Front cover torn off. The Complete Rhyming Dictionary by Clement Wood, 1936. Walden by Henry David Thoreau. 2 vol. Pub: Houghton, Muffin and Co., 1897. Good condition. The Tragedy of King Lear by Shakespeare, 1965. Child-Rhymes with Hoosier Pictures by James Whitcomb Riley. Pub: The Bowen-Merrill Co.,Indianapolis, 1899. 15.792
2424.My Bookhouse in the Nursery edited by Oliver Beaupre Miller. Pub: The Bookhouse for Children, Chicago, 1920. Vol. 1-6 and 10. Fair to good condition. 15.791
2425. Harper’s New Monthly Magazine,1880 Picturesque Scotland in Lay and Legend, Song and Story by Francis Watt, M. A. and the Rev. Andrew Carter M. A. Pub: F. Warne and Co., 1889. The Beautiful, The Wonderful and The Wise by L. N. Chapin, Revised Edition. Pub: John C.Winston and Co., 1888. Fair to good cond. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain (Illus.) Pub: James R. Osgood and Co., Boston 1883 The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, 1883. The Greatest Tragedies of William Shakespeare. 1981. The Greatest Histories of William Shakespeare. 1983. 15.784
2426.A Pictorial History of Boxing by Nat Fleischer and Sam Andre. Pub: Bonanza Books, 1959. Zurich - A Photographic History (500 Photographs). Pub: 1944. The Pilgrim’s Progress by Bunyan. Pub: W. E. Scull, 1897 Dillingham, NY La Guerra De Espana by Tomas Salvador, 1966. Eakins by Sylvan Schendler. Pub: Little, Brown and Co., Boston/Toronto, 1967. First Edition. 15.778
2427.Shakespeare - 3 vol., I Comedies, II Histories and III Tragedies. Edited/Arranged by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke, Illus. by H. C. Selous. Pub: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, London. A History of the World compiled by Nugent Robinson - 2 vol. Set. Pub: Peter FenelonCollier, NY, 1887. Good condition. History of England, 3 vol. by David Hume and Tobias Smollet. Pub: James S. Virtue, NY/London 15.776
2428.Category: Misc
Description: Miscellaneous lot
Identifier: 7.340
2429.Category: Trunk
Description: Trunk, Painted brown with black strips with a star/circle pattern. Cover is mostly detached. There are multiple compartments inside on two levels.
Measurements: 18/5" H x 28" W x 16" D
Identifier: 5.40
2430.Category: Misc
Description: Fourteen pound weight
Identifier: 7.356
2431.Category: Misc
Description: Saddle as a picture frame (girl)
Identifier: 7.334
2432.Category: Misc
Description: Friars Club Honors
Identifier: 7.403
2433.Category: Misc
Description: Lot of Art Books
Identifier: 7.338
2434.Category: Misc
Description: Picnic Basket
Identifier: 7.333
2435.Category: Bath
Description: Clothes Hamper
Identifier: 7.335
2436.Category: Bath
Description: Bath Towels
Identifier: 7.372
2437.Category: Bath
Description: Large Bath Towels (like new)
Identifier: 7.370
2438.Category: Misc
Description: Miscellaneous bedding
Identifier: 7.371
2439.Category: Bar
Description: Old Reading beer sign
Identifier: B.179
2440.Category: Kitchen
Description: Table cloth
Identifier: 1.57
2441.Category: Sleigh Bells
Description: Sleigh bells on a leather strap
Measurements: 81" long
Identifier: 35.53
2442.Category: Magazines
Description: Almanac, 1865, 1968, Agricultural Almanac Farmers 1968, 1975
Identifier: 1.74
2443.Category: Plate
Description: Crystal plates; 8 salad plates and 1 serving platter.
Measurements: Plates: 8.25" diameter; Platter: 13" diameter
Identifier: 35.34
2444.Category: Misc
Description: Curtain tie backs
Identifier: 1.61
2445.Category: Pan
Description: Cast iron pans; : NA
Identifier: 35.54
2446.Category: Pan
Description: Cast iron pans; 35.54
2447.Category: Pan
Description: Copper pan set. 35.71
2448.Category: Music
Description: Piano rolls
Identifier: 7.411
2449.Category: Mug
Description: Set of (4) metal mugs. A Kenrick and Sons. 1 pint, 2 pints, 4 pints. Largest mug is possibly 8 pints and another make, No. 0.
Measurements: NA
Identifier: 35.108
2450.Category: Painting
Description: Harry Roseland. Old man and woman sitting on a bench. Woman asleep with a book in her hand. Man asleep with an umbrella in her hand.
Measurements: 14" H x 20" W
Identifier: 35.101
2451.Category: Pan
Description: Cast iron pans; 35.54
2452.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection 35.136
2453.Category: Pan
Description: Copper pan set.35.71
2454.4 tier metal shelf with decorative baskets
2455.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection 35.136
2456.Category: Clothes
Description: Black dress and hat, miscellaneous dresses
Identifier: 1.64
2457.Category: Pan
Description: Cast iron pans; 35.54
2458.Category: Kitchen
Description:4 Cast Iron Pans
Identifier: 1.63
2459.Identifier: 1.1109
2460.Category: Iron
Description: Antique iron collection 35.136
2461.Metal Fireplace/Stove Item
2462.Category: Clothes
Description: Ladies hat, silk apron, hand made
Identifier: 1.52
2463.Category: Religious
Description: Impressive large carved wooden frame with cherubs, cherubs complete with original patina, 18th-19th century. Small portion of top missing, no bottom
Measurements: 42" H x 29" W x 5" D
Identifier: 1.18
2464.Category: Kitchen
Description: Cup hook cast irons
Identifier: 35.205
2465.Category: Vase
Description: Black / Deep Violet round vase, floral design; Silver vase with lid, reads, "RR.N,S, India"
Measurements: 15" H x 6" diameter; 6.5" H x 6" diameter
Identifier: 35.170; 35.182
2466.Category: Clothes
Description: Men's clothes lot
Identifier: 1.110; 1.1106
2467.Category: Magazines
2468.Category: Clothes
Description: Long underwear
Identifier: 1.76
2469.Category: Misc
Description: Baker's talcum powder, 25 tin
Identifier: 7.389
2469.Category: Misc
Description: Brass file, wooden handle
Identifier: 35.231
2470.Category: Newspaper
Description: New York Herald for October 22, 1885
Identifier: 7.384
2470.Category: Newspaper
Description: The Illustrated Record for February 15, 1913
Identifier: 7.385
2470.Category: Newspaper
Description: The New York Times, Saturday, June 27, 1863
Identifier: 7.386
2471.International 1466 Tractor Model by Ertl #3 in a series
2472.Category: Misc
Description: Metal wall hanger
Identifier: 35.196
2473.Category: Misc
Description: Devel match holder
Identifier: 7.413
2474.Category: Misc
Description: Tin sign
Identifier: 7.414
2475.Category: Prints
Description: Three famed Harrison Fisher water stains
Identifier: 7.415
2476.Category: Prints
Description: Picture of Old House, and other framed prints
Identifier: 35.237
2477.Category: Misc
Description: Three miscellaneous pictures with frames
Identifier: 7.416
2478.Category: Tool
Description: Molding plane
Identifier: 7.417
2479.Category: Kitchen
Description: American Duplex Electric Cutter.
Measurements: 13" H
Identifier: br>
2480.Category: Camera
Description: Eastman Kodak, No-. 1-A folding Pocket Kodak, #131607; Roamer I, universal camera; No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie, Eastman, black rectangular camera in brown case initialed G.LB.; Eastman Kodak, No. 3 Autographic model H, extending lens and case
Measurements: 7.5" H ,c4" W x 5.75 "D; 3.5" H x 6.75" W x 1.75" D; measurements; 4" II x 6.5" W x 1.5" D; 45" h x 7.5" W
Identifier: 8.106; 8.119; 8.127; 8.78
2481.Category: Camera
Description: Kodak Vigilant Junior, six - 16, Kodet lens; No. 2 A Folding Pocket Brownie, Model A, USA, 1909, in brown canvas case; Ensign Camera No. E29, blue camera in an orange box; Kodak Folding Brownie, Kodette 11, dark brown canvas case
Measurements: 7.5" H x 3.75" W x 5" 1); 3.25" H x 8.5" W x 2" D; 5.25" H x 3.75" W x 5" 1); 3" H x 6" W x 1.25" D
Identifier: 8.124; 8.140; 8.143; 8.90
2482.Category: Camera
Description: The Kamrex, storage area in the back of the camera; Large black box, Reads: T.?. I.
Measurements: 6.75" H x 3.85" W x 8.5" D; 7" H x 6.25" W x 8" D
Identifier: 8.141; 8.144
2483.Category: Camera
Description: Jiffy Kodak Camera, silver and black grid faceplate; R +J Beck Limited cameras, Large~ #5683; Kodak Jiff camera, with case (camera face is black. with a silver grid); Kodak Series III camera No. 14, black leather case has some green oxidation around the clasp
Measurements: 6" H x 3.25" W x 1.25" D; Large: 5.5" H x 4.75" W x Ii" D', Small:' 4.75"Hx3.5"Wx9.75"D -; 3.25" H x 6" W x 1.5" D; 3.25" h x 8" x 1.5"d
Identifier: 8.131; 8.142; 8.87; 8.88
2484.Category: Camera
Description: Ernemann camera, ELSS logo~, buckle clasp on canvas case; Highlander, reads: Landschafl, Gruppe, Portrait, Mack rectangular shaped camera in brown leather case 5" H x 2.75" W x 3" D; (2) Ansco Shur Shot cameras, the one in the red box is a B-2 Shur Shot; Kodak N--o~ 2 Brownie, black with handle, 1901
Measurements: 5" H x 3.25" W x 4" D; 7.5" H x 3.75" W x 5" D; 4.25" H x 3.25" W x 5" D; 4" H x 3.25" W x 5.5" D
Identifier: 8.102; 8.125; 8.138; 8.99
2485.Category: Camera
Description: Ansco Flash Clipper; Black camera in case (closed); Jam Handy Pocket Explainer, model E, "SVE", Series 00. Black with chipped paint stand; Kodak camera in brown case (marked R.H.S.) much green oxidation; description: Cine Kodak, Model B, camera takes moving pictures. In black case marked R.H.S.
Measurements: 4" H x 5" W x 2" D; 4.5" H x &25" W; 4" H x 6.75" W x 2" D; 4.75" H x 9.25" W x 1.75" d; measurements-: 8.5" H x 2.75-" W x 5" D
Identifier: 8.133; 8.80; 8.85; 8.89; 8.91
2486.Category: Camera
Description: description~ Baby Hawkeye, Kodak, made in England, brown canvas case; No.~ I Kodak Junior, Model A; Zeiss Ikon, 6 x 9 cm, B2; Kodak Camera (black box) No~ I Brownie, model B, USA 19(}8, in brown canvas case.; Ensign Midget (small silver camera) and case; Box Tengor, Zeiss Ikon, black camera and brown case
Measurements: 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 2.75" D; 3.75"Hx6.75"Wx 1.5"D; 3" h x 4.25" w x 1.5" d; 3.5" H x 5" W x 3.25" D; 1.75" II x 3.5" W x .75" D; 3" H x 2.75" W x 2" D
Identifier: 8.107; 8.115; 8.116; 8.86; 8.97; 8.98
2487.Category: Camera
Description: Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 104 with Polaroid cold clip #193, gray, collapses into its own case; Anscomatic SC/91 - movie camera, 1 5mm, 1:1.8; Kodak Brownie-Hawkeye in box, picture of a girl painting on the front of the box, with flash; Herbert George Co. Flash, +M2 - Pius +; U.N. Blower Brush for camera lens and nega film; description Moving picture camera, Bell and Howard, 8MM, up. to ISO exposure index, up to 64 camera speed, lighting adjustable, gray metal with strap; Kodak The Handle, instant camera, blue with white face, with model A flash; Ansco Cadet Reflex with flash bulb, camera is silver, gold and black
Measurements: 4.5" H x 8" W x 6.5" D; 5.25" H x 2.25" W x4.75" I); 3.5" H x 3.5" W x 4.25" 1); flash: 5.25" diameter; 3.5" H x3.5" diameter x 3" D; 5.5" H x2.5" diameter xi.5" D; 5" H x 4" W x 1.75"D; 5.5-" H x 6.75" W x 5.5" D; measurements-: 4" H x 7" W x 2" D
Identifier: 8.114; 8.121; 8.122; 8.134; 8.145; 8.83; 8.95; 8.96
2488.Category: Camera
Description: description-: Target Hawk Eye, Six - 16; Imperial Debonair, Herbet George Co., Chicago, IL, brown plastic cube camera with gray facing; Brownie Special, six - 16; Kodak Six -20 Brownie Junior, "The Arrow"
Measurements: 5.25" II x 3.75" W x 5.5" D; 4.5" H x 3.5" W x 3.75" 1); 3.75" H x 4.75" W x 4.5"D; 4" H x 3" W x 5" D
Identifier: 8.105; 8.118; 8.132; 8.139
2489.Category: Camera
Description: Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic black camera and brown case; cartridges and case; Plc camera, round, black, plastic; Craig splicer, 8MM and 16MM Senior Splicer, for all sound and silent films, Manufactured by Craig Movie Supply Co.; Black, rectangular flash; Auxilliary lens set, "The Ideal" , Burke and James, Chicago, 6-lenses and directions in a black case with red velvet lining; Small black camera in brown case, Eastman Kodak camera 1 4676, autotime
Measurements: 2.5" H x 4.5" W x 1" D; 3" H x 5" W; 3.5" diameter; 4.5" H x 7" W x 2" D; 3"Hx5"Wx2"D; 1.25" diameter (each lens); 2.5" H x 4.5" Wx 1"D
Identifier: 8.100; 8.101; 8.103; 8.110; 8.117; 8.82; 8.84
2490.Category: Misc
Description: Hallicrafters clock, Telechron movement, model 105-125 V.A.C., fair cond. Wood is chipped in upper left-hand corner. Gold face with black numbers; Comus alarm clock, brass, made in Romania; Metal sculpture, leaf-shaped of a woman dancing, the background is an engraved leaf pattern; (2) clocks, round, rotating, wind-up, metal. One white and one brown clock. Read: "Made in USA" "Pat'd D95, 184."
Measurements: 8" H x 11" W x 4.5" D; 6.5" H x 2.5" I) x 3.75" face diameter; 11" H x 6.5" W; 5" diameter
Identifier: 3.37; 21.33; 21.78; 25.3
2491.Category: Clock
Description: Ben S. Loeb Inc., NY, clock with cream-colored face and 4 drawings of windmills and sailboats.; Westclox Ben Hur alarm clock, white face with black numbers. "RD 1927"; Westclox Big Ben alarm clock, black face with white numbers. Pat pending Dec 1, 1925.
Measurements: 8.5" diameter; 4.5" H x 4" diameter; 6" H x 5" diameter
Identifier: 3.28; 25.10; 25.11
2492.5 Leg Square Oak Table, Twisted Legs with Claw Feet.
2493.Category: Art
Description: Miscellaneous art books
Identifier: 7.420
2494.Category: Magazines
Description: Miscellaneous comic books
Identifier: 7.421
2495.Category: Art
Description: Pencil drawings
Identifier: 7.422
2496.Category: Books
Description: Biography of Shakespeare (6)
Identifier: 7.423
2497.Category: Art
Description: Miscellaneous art books
Identifier: 7.424
2498.Category: Art
Description: Engravings and French art
Identifier: 7.425
2499.Category: Magazines
Description: Miscellaneous Theatre and Play magazines
Identifier: 7.426
2500.Category: Magazines
Description: Miscellaneous Theatre magazines
Identifier: 7.427
2501.Category: Art
Description: Art treasures of America
Identifier: 7.428
2502.Category: Misc
Description: The Hundred Best Pictures
Identifier: 7.429
2503.Category: Art
Description: Miscellaneous art books
Identifier: 7.430
2504.Category: Magazines
Description: Miscellaneous lot of magazines
Identifier: 7.431
2505.Category: Furniture
Description: Coffee table - Elephant heads (including trunks) make up each leg. One tusk on one leg is broken off but present. The wooden tabletop is also intricately carved.
Measurements: 24.5" H x 34" W x 20" D
Identifier: 8.29
2506.6 Panel Decorative Oriental Screen, 7ft. tall.
2507.Category: Barber Chair
Description: Koken Co., St. Louis barber chair. Black leather seat is work and has superficial surface cracks. Reclines and swivels.
Measurements: 42" H x 24" W x 24" D
Identifier: 7.209
2508.Category: Barber Chair
Description: Barber Chair
Identifier: 7.432
2509.Category: Furniture
Description: The Brunswick Balke Collender Co. 5 windowed cabinets, inlaid wood design between upper panes. Dark wood, good condition. Center hutch area has a mirrored back.
Measurements: 54" H x 74" W x 17.5" D
Identifier: 7.260
2510.Category: Furniture
Description: Bar. Dark cherry stained wood with a carved leaf and column design. Simple design with 2 gray marble columns and marble base. Brass attachments for foot rail (actual foot rail not present). New countertop was added on top of the previous countertop.
Measurements: 41" Hx 96" W x 20" D
Identifier: 7.261
2511.Category: Cash Register
Description: National Register Co. (Dayton, OH) cash register #568751. Amounts are not dollars, but pesetas and centimos. Still has a paper tape roll.
Measurements: 27" H x 30" W x 17" D
Identifier: 7.242
2512.Category: Jukebox
Description: Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100, DeLuxe, High Fidelity jukebox. Plays 45's. Silver metal, green grill, light blue and red hardware. "3 plays for a quarter. 1 play for a dime"
Measurements: 53" H x 34.25" W x 26.5" D
Identifier: 7.113
2513.Category: Furniture
Description: Four leg pedestal round oak table
Identifier: 7.433
2514.Category: Organ
Description: Cornish Co., Washington, NJ, organ with carved wood detail and trim. Hutch has 3 mirrors and a cabinet with a ledge/shelf. 16 buttons for different effects. 3 panels on the lower part of the organ each have carved floral pattern designs.
Measurements: 80" H x 48" W x 22" D
Identifier: 7.89
2515.Category: Furniture
Description: One drawer night stand, painted green
Identifier: 7.434
2516.Category: Furniture
Description: Lift top oak desk
Identifier: 7.435
2517.Category: Furniture
Description: End table, carved trim, spindles, lower shelf
Measurements: 28.5" FIx 25.5" W x 16.5" D
Identifier: 7.263
2518.Category: Furniture
Description: Carved wood floor lamp
Identifier: 7.436
2519.Category: Trunk
Description: Trunk with a glass top, used as a coffee table
Measurements: 13" 1 1 x 32.5" W x 19" D
Identifier: 7.262
2520.Category: Furniture
Description: Brown leather rocking chair, wood base on wheels. Edson's Pat. June 29, 1869
Measurements: 30" H x 24" W x 24" D, seat: 15" 1-1
Identifier: 8.166
2521.Category: Furniture
Description: Desk Chair
Identifier: 7.437
2522.Category: Chandelier
Description: Stained glass chandelier, ivory and yellow with pastel shades around the sides and metal patterned trim. 2 lights. No broken glass.
Measurements: 13" H x 23" diameter
Identifier: 7.100
2523.Category: Furniture
Description: Sofa chair, floral pattern, claw feet.
Measurements: 32" H x 76" W x 34" D
Identifier: 7.76
2524.Category: Furniture
Description: Library card catalog. Should have 26 drawers, but the bottom most left side drawer is missing. Brass-colored hardware. The top is lighter and unfinished.
Measurements: 45" H x 55" W x 21" D
Identifier: 5.16
2525.Category: Chest
Description: Chest with woven/fine wicker cover, simple bamboo accents on all sides, some bamboo trim missing on the bottom of the chest. Metal bolts, no markings. Very good condition inside.
Measurements: 16" H x 48" W x 21.5" D
Identifier: 5.18
2526.Category: Wagon Wheels
Description: (4) Wagon wheels, large wooden with 16 spokes each.
Measurements: 42" diameter
Identifier: 5.36
2527.Category: Furniture
Description: Clawfoot armchair, dark wood, red upholstery
Measurements: 36" H x 31" W x 33" D
Identifier: 5.110
2528.Category: Furniture
Description: Armchairs with sailboat motif. Sailboats are carved in the base, and the side of the chairs are sailboat helms. 1 is a rocker. There are some scratches, but the chairs are solid and sturdy.
Measurements: 37" H x 36" W x 36 -37"D
Identifier: 5.5
2529.Category: Furniture
Description: Armchair with thick, dark wood, dark brown leather and leather-covered bolts. A coil has sprung through the seat.
Measurements: 41.75" H x 31" W x 31" D
Identifier: 5.89
2530.Category: Furniture
Description: Armchair, pink upholstery, no tears in fabric but it is very dirty.
Measurements: 31" H x 35" W x 34" D
Identifier: 5.105
2531.Category: Typewriter
Description: Underwood Standard typewriter - Underwood 11
Measurements: 10" H x 14" W x 13" D
Identifier: 3.2
2532.Category: Furniture
Description: End table, simple design, 1 shelf with lattice sides. Fair condition, water stains on the bottom of the legs.
Measurements: 32" H x 18" W x 14" D
Identifier: 5.124
2533.Category: Furniture
Description: Table stand, oak
Identifier: 7.336
2534.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) chairs, simple design, no arms, spindle back and spindles connecting legs.
Measurements: 33.5" H x 16" W x 16" D
Identifier: 3.47
2535.Category: Furniture
Description: End table, fair condition, chips in the wooden trim
Measurements: 26" H x 16" W x 25" D
Identifier: 3.83
2536.Category: Furniture
Description: Wooden children's chair, has several coats of paint that are chipping off and the seat has many deep scratches (poor condition)
Measurements: 30.5" H x 17" W x 16" D
Identifier: 5.104
2537.Category: Lamp
Description: Floor lamp, metal and yellow glass. Shelf has multiple holes and 2 dishes which flip to empty beneath.
Measurements: 59" H x 12" W x 9" 0; 9" square base
Identifier: 5.24
2538.Identifier: 3.115
2539.Category: Easel
Description: Wooden easel
Measurements: 65" H x 23" W
Identifier: 5.127
2540.Category: Easel
Description: Wooden easel
Identifier: 7.439
2541.Category: Furniture
Description: Antique bedside or end table, many scratches, poor condition, tabletop swivels
Measurements: 24.75" H x 23.75" W x 21.75" D
Identifier: 21.38
2542.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) Chairs, one is a rocker, both have a convex back made of spindles, arms have slight claw carvings. Fair condition.
Measurements: 36" H x 24" D x 18" D
Identifier: 5.130
2543.Category: Washer
Description: Wooden washer manufactured by Michigan Washing Machine Co., Muskegon, MI. "Motor High-Speed Washer"
Measurements: 27" H x 25" diameter x 14" D
Identifier: 5.93
2544.Category: Furniture
Description: Four stack oak book case
Identifier: 7.440
2545.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak library table
Identifier: 7.441
2546.Category: Misc
Description: Porcelain commode
Identifier: 7.442
2547.Category: Furniture
Description: Table, 1 drawer
Identifier: 7.443
2548.Category: Furniture
Description: Wooden desk chair with a height-adjustable chair back. On casters, very heavy.
Measurements: 33" H x 16" diameter
Identifier: 5.102
2549.Category: Furniture
Description: Four rabbit ear cane seat chairs
Identifier: 7.444
2550.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) Armchairs with similar designs, both have black leather seat covers, no other markings; Armchair, dark, stained wood, black leather cover on seat cushion.; Wooden armchair painted black
Measurements: 39" Fl x 21" W x 18" D; 38.75" H x 23" W x 19" D; 39" H x 24" W x 18" D
Identifier: 5.128; 5.29; 5.98
2551.Category: Furniture
Description: Piano bench
Identifier: 7.445
2552.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) Rocking chairs. The back is a carved design with fleur-de-lis and a diagonal strip of swirls/leaf pattern. The backs have some cracks.
Measurements: 36" H x 20.5" W x 36" D
Identifier: 5.31
2553.Category: Furniture
Description: Chair, with a round (broken) swivel seat. Clawfoot and on clear ball casters.
Measurements: 35" H x 14" diameter
Identifier: 5.95
2554.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) Chairs, one is a rocker, both have a convex back made of spindles, arms have slight claw carvings. Fair condition.
Measurements: 36" H x 24" D x 18" D
Identifier: 5.130
2555.Category: Furniture
Description: Dining table with 4 clawfoot legs and I center leg, on casters, expandable, good condition.
Measurements: 29.5" H x 47" L x 47.5" D
Identifier: 5.125
2556.Category: Furniture
Description: (2) chairs, simple design, no arms, spindle back and spindles connecting legs.
Measurements: 33.5" H x 16" W x 16" D
Identifier: 3.47
2557.Category: Furniture
Description: Large, blue, upholstered armchair with flat arms. Fair condition.
Measurements: 34" H x 40" W x 36" D
Identifier: 5.90
2558.Category: Trunk
Description: Steamer trunk, brass-colored hardware, red faux-marble finish, locks are by Eagle Lock Co., Ferryville, CT.
Measurements: 23.5" H x 36" W x 22" D
Identifier: 5.100
2559.Category: Trunk
Description: Steamer trunk. Good condition. Recently relined inside. Missing leather straps for clasps.
Measurements: 27" H x 30" W x 20" D
Identifier: 5.116
2560.Category: Organ
Description: Lowrey Organ, Genie
Measurements: 36" H x 34" W x 20" D
Identifier: 5.84
2561.Category: Lamp
Description: (2) Copper lamps in the shape of a tall pitcher, with a handle/spout., 'Copper/brass metal pitcher lamp
Measurements: 29" H x 13" diameter, '30.5" H x 7" diameter
Identifier: 3.24; 7.264
2562.Category: Furniture
Description: Matched pair oak empire side boards (rough)
Identifier: B.091
2563.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak kneehole student desk raised panel dove tailed drawers
Identifier: B.092
2564.Category: Furniture
Description: Wood and metal school desk bottom drawer
Identifier: B.093
2565.Category: Furniture
Description: Three piece wood church carving
Identifier: B.094
2566.Category: Furniture
Description: Two Singer sewing machine bases with marble tops
Identifier: B.095
2567.Category: Furniture
Description: Plywood 2 piece kitchen cupboard
Identifier: B.096
2568.Category: Furniture
Description: dated 1959 oak pedestal donated to park
Identifier: B.097
2569.Category: Furniture
Description: Two piece mirror back bar
Identifier: B.098
2570.Category: Furniture
Description: Highly engraved cast iron fireplace (1 leg damaged)
Identifier: B.099
2571.Category: Furniture
Description: Decorated plaster Orient wood wall board
Identifier: B.100
2572.Category: Furniture
Description: Marble fireplace (in parts) mantel
Identifier: B.101
2573.Category: Furniture
Description: Larbert range 41104 parts
Identifier: B.102
2574.Category: Furniture
Description: Decorated tile cast iron fire place mantel
Identifier: B.103
2575.Category: Furniture
Description: Carved steel fire place mantel
Identifier: B.104
2576.Category: Furniture
Description: Decorated cast iron panels
Identifier: B.105
2577.Category: Furniture
Description: Cast iron with red tile fireplace mantel (as is)
Identifier: B.106
2578.Category: Furniture
Description: Highly carved oak side board, dovetailed drawers, cast brass pulls
Identifier: B.107
2579.Category: Furniture
Description: Three odd oak rabbit ear chairs
Identifier: B.108
2580.Category: Furniture
Description: Large oak fireplace mantel
Identifier: B.109
2581.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut pump organ
Identifier: B.110
2582.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut Cathedral pump organ, Crane & Sons, Liverpool
Identifier: B.111
2583.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut Victorian table and half moon stand
Identifier: B.112
2584.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak mission style clothes tree
Identifier: B.113
2587.Category: Furniture
Description: Cast iron floor lamp and oak picture frame
Identifier: B.116
2588.Category: Furniture
Description: Three way hanging traffic signal lamp, red/amber/green
Identifier: B.117
2589.Category: Furniture
Description: Barn Beams, Approx. 20 ft.
Identifier: B.118
2590.Category: Furniture
Description: Mahogany one drawer oval Empire library table
Identifier: B.119
2591.Category: Furniture
Description: Early game dispensing vending machine
Identifier: B.120
2592.Category: Furniture
Description: 1940's arch top 2 piece Kitchen Cabinet with porcelain top and flour bin
Identifier: B.121
2593.Category: Furniture
Description: Quenn Anne gentlemen's chest
Identifier: B.122
2594.Category: Furniture
Description: Belt Ran feed grinder
Identifier: B.123
2595.Category: Furniture
Description: Three piece marble and solid brass, highly carved with full goddess ends
Identifier: B.124
2596.Category: Furniture
Description: Steel fireplace mantel with pressed birds and fruit basket
Identifier: B.125
2597.Category: Furniture
Description: Waterfall buffet table, 3 chairs, very rough
Identifier: B.126
2598.Category: Furniture
Description: Pinball machine "volley" D. Gottlieb & Co.
Identifier: B.127
2599.Category: Furniture
Description: Pinball machine "Bally" Delta Queen
Identifier: B.128
2600.Category: Furniture
Description: Wurlitzer counsole with cobra tone arm
Identifier: B.129
2601.Category: Furniture
Description: Wurlitzer Americana Model 3110
Identifier: B.130
2602.Category: Furniture
Description: Mahagony tea cart
Identifier: B.131
2603.Category: Furniture
Description: Five foot C roll, roll top desk, brass feet, original brass pulls, dovetailed drawers, "The Globe Co."
Identifier: B.132
2604.Category: Furniture
Description: White treadle oak sewing machine
Identifier: B.133
2605.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co., New York, cast iron base, treadle sewing machine
Identifier: B.134
2606.Category: Furniture
Description: Pine dresser and washstand and bed
Identifier: B.135
2607.Category: Furniture
Description: Empire sideboard
Identifier: B.136
2608.Category: Furniture
Description: Two mirror back curio shelves
Identifier: B.137
2609.Category: Furniture
Description: Corner shelf
Identifier: B.138
2610.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak all glass show case with slide glass doors, 7' x 26" deep and 54" tall
Identifier: B.139
2611.Category: Furniture
Description: Glass front and sides china closet
Identifier: B.140
2612.Category: Furniture
Description: Depression dining room suit, table, china buffet and 4 chairs and server
Identifier: B.141
2613.Category: Furniture
Description: Wood painted chicken from Merry-Go-Round
Identifier: B.142
2614.Category: Furniture
Description: Mahogany oval Empire library table with drawer
Identifier: B.144
2615.Category: Furniture
Description: Steel highly carved fireplace mantel and insert
Identifier: B.145
2616.Category: Furniture
Description: Two oak center tables
Identifier: B.146
2617.Category: Jukebox
Description: Seeburg Symphonola, Model 147MA jukebox, Chicago
Identifier: B.148
2618.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak cabinet free treadle sewing machine
Identifier: B.149
2619.Category: Furniture
Description: Two church pews, 75" long
Identifier: B.150
2620.Category: Furniture
Description: Eight oak bent wood chairs
Identifier: B.151
2621.Category: Furniture
Description: Spindle back chair
Identifier: B.152
2622.Category: Furniture
Description: Steel fireplace mantel with tile, as is
Identifier: B.153
2623.Category: Furniture
Description: Seats from barber shop for waiting room
Identifier: B.154
2624.Category: Furniture
Description: Hoosier style cabinet with porcelain top and flour bin
Identifier: B.155
2625.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut pump organ Estey Co., Brattleboro, Illinois
Identifier: B.156
2626.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak side board dovetailed drawers
Identifier: B.157
2627.Category: Furniture
Description: Edison crank victrola in cabinet
Identifier: B.158
2628.Category: Furniture
Description: Walnut chest of drawers
Identifier: B.159
2629.Category: Furniture
Description: Empire upholstered barber chair
Identifier: B.160
2630.Category: Furniture
Description: Two small candle stands, 1 tile top
Identifier: B.161
2631.Category: Furniture
Description: Two marble pieces of furniture
Identifier: B.162
2632.Category: Furniture
Description: Empire library table, 1 bad foot
Identifier: B.163
2633.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak with 3 mirror, highly carved top piece
Identifier: B.164
2634.Category: Furniture
Description: Oak arch divider panels, 79" tall,4 sections various lengths:161",104",114,87", with approx. 30 stained glass panels
Identifier: B.165
2635.Category: Furniture
Description: Pair of metal sleigh beds
Identifier: B.166
2636.Category: Furniture
Description: Painted Mission oak patio set, 4 pieces
Identifier: B.167
2637.Category: Furniture
Description: Three wood sleds
Identifier: B.172
2638.Category: Furniture
Description: Wood carousel horse
Identifier: B.177
2639.Category: Furniture
Description: Old lift top feed box
Identifier: B.178
2640.Black Saddle
2641.Saddle with chrome horn
2642.Saddle with wooden stirrups
2643.Saddle with horn missing
2644.3 wooden sleds
2645.John Deere Tractor Model 620, needs repaired.
2646.Allis Chalmbers
2647.John Deere Tractor Model B-50
2649.Category: Stained Glass
2650.Category: Stained Glass
2651.Category: Stained Glass
2652.Category: Stained Glass
2653.Category: Stained Glass
2654.Category: Stained Glass
2655.Category: Stained Glass
2656.Category: Stained Glass
2657.Category: Stained Glass
2658.Category: Stained Glass
2659.Category: Stained Glass
2660.Category: Stained Glass
2661.Category: Stained Glass
2662.Category: Stained Glass
2663.Category: Stained Glass
2664.Category: Stained Glass Window Trim
2665.Category: Stained Glass
2666.Category: Stained Glass
2667.Category: Stained Glass
2668.Category: Stained Glass
2669.Category: Stained Glass
2670.Category: Stained Glass
2671.Category: Stained Glass
2672.Category: Stained Glass
2673.Category: Stained Glass
2674.Category: Stained Glass
2675.Category: Misc
Description:Movie Prop,Horse drawn Police/Paddy wagon
Identifier: 2.675
2676.Category: Misc
Description: Huckster wagon
Identifier: 2.676
2677.Category: Misc
Description: Hooden carriage with lanterns and doors
Identifier: 2.677
2678.Category: Misc
Description: Two seat open carriage surrey top
Identifier: 2.678
2679.Category: Misc
Description: Decorated farm wagon with wood spokes and sides
Identifier: 2.679
2680.Category: Misc
Description: Sleigh parts
Identifier: 2.680
1982 Lincoln Continental, vin#1MRBP96F7CY677165: Identifier:
2682.Category: Car
Description:1960 Imperial Chrysler convertible, 2 Door, Push Button Automatic Vin # 9204111678, No Title Available, TITLE NOT FOUND
Identifier: 2.682
2683.Category: Misc
Description: Bowling alley
Identifier: 2.683
2684.Category: Tool
Description: Corn shucker
Identifier: 2.684
2685.Category: Tool
Description: Hand plow
Identifier: 2.685
2686.Category: Tool
Description: Grinding wheel
Identifier: 2.686
2687.1990 Chevy Lumina, vin#2G1WN54T8L9236640
2688.Category: Game
Description: Shuffle board
Identifier: 2.688
2689.Category: Barber
Description: Barber chair, porcelain, choice of 5
Identifier: 2.689
2690.Category: Car
Description: 1959 Cadillac convertible. No Title Available, TITLE NOT FOUND
Identifier: 2.690
2691.Category: Car
Description: 1961 Thunderbird convertible, 2 Door, Automatic,
Identifier: 2.691
2692.Category: Truck
Description: Ford Truck
Identifier: 2.692
2693.Category: Tool
Description: One roller wooden
Identifier: 2.693
2694.Category: Misc
Description: Chicken crates
Identifier: 2.694
2695.Category: Tool
Description: Corn cutter wooden (Christian Ebert)
Identifier: 2.695
2696.1954 Cadillac 4 door Sedan, automatic V-8, engine #546292867
2697.Category: Misc
Description: 4 Runner Sleigh, 2 seater with tuffed back
Identifier: 2.697
2698.Category: Truck
Description: Old Truck
Identifier: 2.698
2699.Category: Misc
Description: Dinner bell with bracket
Identifier: 2.699
2700.Category: Misc
Description: Lion concrete choice of 4
Identifier: 2.700
2701.Category: Misc
Description: Slate pool table
Identifier: 2.701
2702.Category: Misc
Description: Iron kettle, 3 footed
Identifier: 2.702
2703.Category: Misc
Description: Three footed iron kettle
Identifier: 2.703
2704.Category: Misc
Description: Concrete planters
Identifier: 2.704
2705.Category: Misc
Description: Wicker corner shelf
Identifier: 2.705
2706.Category: Furniture
Description: Wicker couch
Identifier: 2.706
2707.Category: Misc
Description: Old corn crib
Identifier: 2.707
2708.Category: Tool
Description: Old wood wagon for irrigation with Myers engine
Identifier: 2.708
2709.Category: Tool
Description: Old seeder with iron wheels
Identifier: 2.709
2710.Category: Tool
Description: Planter frame with seat
Identifier: 2.710
2711.Category: Tool
Description: Conveyer belt metal
Identifier: 2.711
2712.Category: Tool
Description: Water storage tank with iron wheels
Identifier: 2.712
2713.Category: Misc
Description: Two iron wheels
Identifier: 2.713
2714.Category: Misc
Description: Two iron wheels painted black
Identifier: 2.714
2715.Patio set, to include glass top table with umbrella, 4 chairs, sofa and coffee table.
2716.Category: Open
Description: Open
2717.Category: Open
Description: Open
2885.Category: Furniture
Description: Cast Iron clothes tree
Identifier: B.114

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